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Murder mother and briefly-re- turning Dad; smother them both in cKngwrap. Self-sustaining growth will begin in east Germany. The new film’s heroine is Maggie, a quadruple unmarried mother four children by different fathers whose offspring keep being dragged off into care: The Outlook points out that, in spite of recent increases, both short- and long-term US interest rates remain low com- pared with the s as a whole, and even with the mid- s.

However, crew member Henrik Sillaste said he saw water burst into the car deck past the bow loading ramp shortly before the Continued on Page 16 Safety rules that failed.

The reality was different. The out- standing issues woe settled by.

Also, the court ruled, any pen- sion scheme member claiming retrospective membership in a scheme requiring employee con- tributions will have to pay all past contributions to receive ben- efits. The six separate cases decided yesterday were brought by indi- viduals and pension fund trust- ees seeking clarification of the court’s key Barber v GRE ruling in May For all the good intentions transformed into international safety agreements, the IMO and governments around the world have come to realise that effective enforcement of the rules is still woefully lacking.

But this year the gas industry reg- ulator stymied the scheme by refusing to authorise a levy on the grounds that it was a form of taxation. The industrialised countries are forecast to grow by an average 2. Alternatively Faxsend coupon below or attach your business card to thii ad and mail to the address below.


A second German shot in the attack was said yesterday to be “stable” after a bullet was removed from his stomach. Customers typically save money by dialling a designated number in the US and hang in g up after one ring.

Deutschland in Europe, C Bertelsmann. Germany Advertis- ing Ltd. All this is due to happen within a year.

Now Sing- apore Telecom has backed down. The Japa- nese share of the European market is expected to top 15 per cent by front nearly 12 per cent inaccording to DEL the UK-based analysts. Shipping safety has engaged the attention of dozens of com- mittees sitting for thousands of hours in recent years and the conventions which roll out of the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation are constantly being revised and upgraded.

In the food-processing Industry, for example, the government controls the price of sugar, which keeps the cost of a key raw material artificially high. To recant a FUSE sample copy cmtacl: Only 26 human rights monitors have been deployed inside Rwanda, in spite of Mr Boutros Gbali’s pledge to send in August.

But are even the best ro-ro ferries vulnerable? Almost every large financial busi- ness in Europe and the US is experi- menting with these tools, according to Sergio Focardt a 311 of the Intertek Group, a Paris-based research organisation which has conducted a survey of advanced computational methods in 80 inter- national banks.

The court said employers had known since its judgment in that hairing part-time workers from pen- howls of outrage from employer groups.

Mr Martin Miles, pensions consultant at the actuarial firm of Bacon and Woodrow, said: When Nato defence ministers gather today in Seville, they will hear a new rallying cry, a new formula for extending Nato’s area of operations.

It gives you outstanding high availability features through clustering faxx the fastest recoverability of any UNIX on the market. The L250e_um_122 u incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.

Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

Major replied that Margaret Thatcher, then prime minister, insisted on going in at that rate. Prizewinners are playing basketball with Magic P250_eum_122, receiving tennis coaching from former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash and receiving fashion advice from supermodels Linda Evangelista and Karen 3, who have all been flown in by Pepsi.


We plan to support it, invest in it, keep customers fully operational with it, and introduce it to new customers as well. The aim is to attract under s to the theatre. Growth in the developing coun- tries as a l250_eum_1122 is expected to be twice as strong as in the indus- trial countries this year and next Although problems exist, notably in the former Soviet countries, activity is beginning to pick up l2550_eum_122 central and eastern Europe while recovery in the Middle East is expected in Page 18 Axa to raise stake In US insurer: That bulbous, smouldering, no-neck head only needs a coat of black paint and a fuse to terrify unwary commuters into believing it is the real thing.

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The court ruled that part- time employees can claim ret- rospective benefits in respect of periods of employment dat- ing back to Many banks and companies are Insolvent Large payments arrears have built up. Portfolio investment in the Russian economy, spurred by the low prices of many Russian stocks, has been flowing into the country at the rate of more than Sm a month.

Renovation’s moderate poli- cies are dose to the govern- ment, though its leading mem- bers lean toward a slightly more assertive foreign and defence stance. The right is not time limited by the Baber judpnant and stretches back to April While British generals distinguish dearly between keeping peace by con- sensus and imposing peace by force, the US military tends to blur the two.

President Aristide, in con- vening parliament, has called on the assembly to debate not only the amnesty but also six other pieces of legislation, including the separation of police and army powers. A fuller response is. Next Wed and Thurs: Mr Gaidar, in comments yes- terday, appeared to believe the Fund should be cautious.