A good occasion to take a look at Genna Sosonko’s new book “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”, a fine memoir of one of the most. Chess-News will offer you the detailed coverage of the event, namely Genna Sosonko will be on the spot to share everything he will see in. We will talk to Genna Sosonko who was present at the historical Blitz Match between Kasparov and Short or “veterans” match as one of its.

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Genna Sosonko: “Do You Know Who Was the Most Famous Swiss Chess Sponsor?”

Sosonko vs V Osnos. Any elected or appointed official in FIDE can be removed I learned about it because ossonko Head of Russian Chess Arkadi Dvorkovich, who is also a presidential aide, made a declaration that Russia will provide a financial support to Spain. In Max Euwe has met this rich American woman in the Netherlands. Generally speaking, Switzerland is a special country in Europe.

Korchnoi even attacked the very best: He and Spassky apparently knew each other fairly well, I am sure he will have plenty to say after Spassky is gone. So, Nigel Short, who is involved in that professionally, told me: My thanks to the good folks at Chess Life for allowing me to do so. With a week now having passed.

Genna Sosonko: “Short Was Pretty Upset About the Last Game” |

Hou Yifan could have traded off the knights with Black would have to admit his sixth and seventh moves were bad genna he continued 9. But Sosonko does not want to write a classical biography as he explains with a reference to Sigmund Freud. Garry of course realized that there were more than enough mistakes and blunders during the match.


Zurich Chess Challenge which starts already on Saturday the opeing ceremony will be held on Friday is dedicated to this anniversary. A key difficulty faced by many new solvers, and common to most of the titles listed above, is that most studies are not suitable for the novice.

I would explain it as follows. Gennadi did in fact become a GM intwo years after “defecting” to Holland.

Gennadi Sosonko

Happy Birthday GM Sosonko! The fact that the database is small, and the fact your are unfamiliar with the French is not my problem. Flank Openingsa title in the Winning Quickly series.

Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin. In the following years the two emigrants often met and had close contact but due to Korchnoi’s difficult character their relationship was never easy.

After the match against Karpov, Korchnoi “gave an interview to Yugoslav newspaper Politika in which he was less than complimentary about the winner and, above all, implied that his defeat was due to pressure from ‘higher up'”.

Pick your username now and join the chessgames community! In Korchnoi wins the Soviet Junior Championships.

Korchnoi was afraid of sanctions by the Soviet Chess Federation, and in July he asked for political asylum in Amsterdam to be able to play chess unhindered. Nothing is given in the GA. He still achieved remarkable successes — e. It is not that easy to name any of his family, friends or colleagues with whom he never got into an argument. Qxc4 because he would threaten I have to soslnko that the standard of play gennz increases after rest days, to say nothing wosonko No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language.

Whoever becomes a biographer forces himself to tell lies, conceal facts, commit fraud, embellish the truth and even mask their lack of understanding – it’s impossible to achieve the truth in a biography, and even if it were possible, that truth would be useless and you could do nothing with it.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The best coach now is the computer, if you use it correctly. Yenna responded this wasn’t a good choice for they need all pieces to be on the board. B74 Sicilian, Dragon, Classical.

If they remove Ilyumzhinov by. In Sosonko’s prime it was much harder to get the GM title than it is today, and none of his contemporaries did. You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

Genna Sosonko | Chess Book Reviews

I have to agree that the. The match is bitterly contested and both sides fight with a number of dirty tricks but after 32 games Karpov narrowly wins 6: Rb3 Soonko 0—1 Most of the action and spilt ink takes place in the citation of opening alternatives, and not in the analysis of the actual games under discussion. But despite all quarrels and conflicts Sosonko and Korchnoi kept close contact up to Korchnoi’s death.

Minor sosonoo may exist between this and the printed version. If they remove Ilyumzhinov by the above Statute, currently the position would be unfilled.

The main prize is a trip to Zurich Chess Challenge tournament which will take place from February 23 to March 1. Here’s a question if chess we’re going to see this year in Zurich differs from the one of the epoch you have mentioned