Geraldine Innocente was a Messenger for the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Hierarchy. She served in that capacity for The Bridge to Freedom Activity from. Geraldine Innocente (died June 21, [1]) is the founder of a New Age church she named The Bridge to Freedom, which was established in by her and. As early as , Geraldine Innocente, a member of the “I AM” in New York, claimed that she had been contacted by the Ascended Master El Morya (the same.

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An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has taken the Sixth Initiation, also referred to as Ascension,[1] and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 6th dimension. Yet something must have gone awry because the masters had to switch to another messenger and organization to bring in this golden age—so the dictations through Geraldine said.

Ballard demanded that Innocente cease the circulation of unauthorized messages. Highest-grossing films of Rank Title Studio Domestic gross 1. Member feedback about Geraldine Innocente: All rights reserved Contact: The top ten released films by box office gross innoocente North America are as follows: One night inwhile Geraldine was sitting with her mother in front of the fireplace in their home, beloved Ascended Master El Morya came into the room and asked her to make a certain application on a daily basis.

Suddenly Geraldine gealdine aware of a presence in the room. Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, The Masters give out the teaching through accredited messengers and the chela passes through the initiations in every day living in the outer world.

And it is necessary. Member feedback innocrnte Church Universal and Triumphant: Her father, Imnocente Innocente, had been previously embodied as the one who helped Jesus to carry His cross.

Geraldine Innocente | Cormael

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Gustave Innocente, the father of Geraldine, in a former embodiment was the person innovente offered to carry the cross for Jesus. Two major categories were presented through the Bridge: The seven bodies of man and how to gain mastery over the four lower bodies.


There is also a focus on healing, particularly using forms of alternative medicine.

Leadbeater and Alice A. Ballard appeared before their new group and said that she was the only authorized messenger. One-third of the destructive accumulation of mankind was dissolved and removed from the Earth forever. Saint Germain Press The Bridge to Freedom became the New Age Church of the Christ in the s but has most recently been named the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and not to be confused with the Bridge to Freedom, the program of advancement within the Church of Scientology.

There is thus a strong emphasis on the authority of the self. Many scholars of the subject refer to it as the New Age movement, although others contest this term, such prominent occult influences include the work of Emanuel Swedenborg and Franz Mesmer, as well as the ideas of Spiritualism, New Thought, and Theosophy. This dispensation makes it easier for sincere students, committed to the original teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, and applying them in their daily lives, to achieve the ascension in their present embodiment.

This compound housed individuals who in anger and rebellion committed great crimes against at least two people. It is now the biggest film festival in South Texas. No connection is implied nor should be inferred.

The instructions, in over 70 transmissions, are a practical guide in reaching the goal of all life, namely the gaining of mastery over energy and vibration, which together with passing the Inmocente Initiations, will result in the ascension.

When Elizabeth Clare Prophet heard about her death she called her mother’s friend and whose son she had gone to eighth-grade prom with to tell her. The geraldie, in times before, started by going through the schoolroom of the Seven Spheres around the sun, and after gaining experience in mastering the lower vibrations of Earth, he made the ascension by passing the tests of the God-virtues of the Seven Rays, given to the chela in the Ascension Temple.


Long Island New York about Elizabeth also said at a conference and also at a staff meeting that El Morya’s twin flame had gone thru the second death and suggested individuals could apply to be El Morya’s twin flame. She prepared herself over the next seven years and formally began to operate as a messenger in Apparently it was easier for the Masters to dictate at that hour.

A bridge was needed over which the masters counsel may reach the intellect of the personal self. Until they lived in Halesite, Long Island.

Bridge to Spiritual Freedom

Member feedback about in film: Ballard took dictations was to read letters of light. Schroeder’s movement began in after he read some of the books published by ADK Luk, a pseudonym for Alice Schutz. She thought about it and then consented to receive the dictations.

New religious movements Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. According to Elizabeth the Bridge to Freedom always denied this, and that her death sent shock waves through their entire movement.

She also sent copies of the messages to Edna Ballard. The Ascended Master Retreats and the Ascension When one has successfully completed their studies on Earth, they will return to the higher realms, innocenfe, again, to use Earth as a schoolroom, according to the Bridge teachings. Geraldine communicated with this master she believed was El Morya, after which he suggested to Geraldine that she make a certain application daily.

The following year a innocenye through Lewis printed In the January issue of The Word of God their new publication said to be from Helios given in stated: Geraldine was a very humble person.

The Law of Karma. After the transition of Mr. The retreats are located either in the etheric realm or in the physical world, often within mountains and other places unapproachable by the curious.