Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Due to cooperation with technical universities and research institutes over the years, GMN is constantly optimizing spindle technology using the latest research data. GMN spindles are exclusively produced in our home factory in Nuremberg, Germany. There are spindle types in which the motor is flanged.

Over 80 years of experience in spindle technology High Precision spindle bearings from our own factory Excellent performance Reliable operational safety Use of quality components of selected premium manufacturers Consistently outstanding quality characteristics Wide selection of equipment options Special solutions in every lot size hour spindle service.

Oil-air lubrication for higher reliability. Tool and die manufacturing Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results.

GMN also makes tool and dressing spindles for energy regeneration or test stand motors. Oder benutzen Sie unsere Sitemap zur Navigation. The spindle may only be operated in a direction of rotation when mounted by a thread in the center of the shaft.

FAQ Spindles

All open questions can be clarified with our psindle service and our representatives. The topics and contents of the training is established to meet customer requirements.

There are, for example, sensors for monitoring the tool interface for spindles with automatic tool changefor measuring the shaft displacement, for monitoring the motor temperature sensor suitable for the controller or frequency converter to be used and bearing temperature PT sensor. GMN Spindle Service With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the spindls, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles.

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High-frequency motor spindles for automatic tool change such as the HCS seriesoften also used for internal or external minimum volume lubrication, are used here. Training GMN offers qualified training at customer sites as well as in our facilities, in the theory and practice of the proper use of GMN spinsle spindles.

Slindle standard tool interface — fitting bores with flat contact face Lubrication: PTC for motor temperature monitoring. Use of hybrid bearings with ceramic balls for high stiffness:: Precision bearings, solid preloaded:: Nomenclature, spindle selection, lubrication, calculation Maintenance: Their performance profile is for maximum key speed values which achieve the outstanding smoothness. Are the motor spindles fitted with sensors? For which applications are GMN spindles used?

Heating takes place due to the current flow through the coils, which may not exceed a temperature which is appropriate to the insulation class. Here ist pays out to use our mostly own-manufactured high-precision ball bearings.

GMN USA / Spindle Repair Service and Spindle Sales

REPAIR Through detailed results of the spindle analysis and the availability of technical special equipment, individual solutions result which ensure a reliable repair of the spindle and its sustainable operation. Our internal HG high-precision precision class and UP ultra-precision set standards of the highest precision with low measurement tolerances. All nameplate data must agree with the relevant data of the respective test protocol.

Higher bearing stiffness, reduced thermal expansion and lower vibration excitation allow maximum machining accuracy. Is GMN spindle technology closed during holidays? Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results. Issue complete 5.

Why must my motor spindles be cooled? FAQ Spindles You can apindle answers about the most frequently-asked questions about spindle equipment below. In five steps — receiving inspection, disassembly, cost estimate, repair authorization and function check — our experienced, competent employees offer expert advice, a comprehensive analysis of all components, clear documentation of all work steps and, of course, expert correction of all irregularities so that your spindle works like spinfle again as quickly as possible.


These spindles are also offered with optional sensors to compensate for shaft growth in the process. Higher motor power is provided to make the maximum use of the mechanical strength of the spindle.

Clamping on cylindrical housing:: Spundle cooling of motor as well as front bearings:: This is either characterized by an inner taper with a flat contact face, fitting bores with a flat contact face or an external taper to hold grinding disc flanges. Precision belt driven spindles. Hybrid ball bearings are a material combination of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls.

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Please be aware that after activating the video, data will be transmitted to YouTube. The motors must be cooled in order to fully use the performance capabilities of the spindles. Lubricators and cooling units are also available at GMN, such as plugs, cables, grinding arbors, grinding disk flanges and pulleys. GMN motor spindles are operated by means of inverters in an uncontrolled or controlled manner, each with a speed sensor RPM sensor or a rotary encoder. An effective liquid system keeps the operating temperature of our motor spindles at a permanent, low level.

Where can I find the serial number of my spindle? Provision for automatic wheel balancing:: Grease and oil-air-lubrication are best adapted to respective applications. Series with HSK tool interface HSP series All-round high-speed spindle with oil-air lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications.