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I not know … Listen! Vezi rezolvare in videoclip: What you think they can do to us? Cati prieteni ti-ai facut pana acum? He call everybody some time ago. How long it take her to type the emails?

He have to take the dog back. I dream with my eyes open…. She arrive even earlier than 9 a.

Test engleza

His sister leave the gate open and the little dog go out of the yard. When I be a gramtica I like adventure books, but for some time I study science books. Au de gand sa se hotarasca ce vor?

Folosind explicatia de aici cum-punem-intrebari-in-englezatradu urmatoarele intrebari: I not understand …. I guess she not send all the invitations so far because she not have time. Erati acolo cand s-a intamplat accidentul? They leave here those two aliens who have just got off?


Gramatica Limbii Engleze | pentru cei care vor sa invete gramatica

Ar trebui ca noi toti sa visam la o lume mai buna? They not know that moment that another little child find Cudly.

I read a lot negleza I also like a lot. I be afraid they may catch us. Menu Skip to content. Yes, I guess they take off now.

Vezi rezolvarea in videoclip: I not think about that! Ce citesti in seara asta? Suddenly, the boy see a photo of the dog on a fence and he realize the dog run away before he find it.

Limba engleza pentru incepatori – Gramatica, vocabular, exercitii

What you think about? And how you become interested in reading?

Ce s-a intamplat acum o ora? The child have the dog, Cudly, for two months before it disappear. Some aliens get off it.

What kind of books you like? De cat timp gatesti?

I think I like reading books since I start secondary school. Ce formatii au venit la concert?