El campo (Buenos Aires: Insurrexit, ), p. Subsequent references to the play will appear in parentheses. Translations are mine. of this century, Griselda Gámbaro began her extraordinary contribution to the Gambaro’s El campo and Foucault’s work on power relations and its correlative. Angelique Rockas played Emma. The data of this production are now archived at the British Library. For full details of Internationalist Theatre`s British premiere.

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Martin asks him to leave but the official demands that Martin be immunized.

Angelique Rockas EL Campo Internationalist THeatre Reviews

Emma’s piano tuner takes a long time tuning the piano and Frank gets frustrated—this leaves the piano broken and gmbaro piano does not make any sound when Emma begins to play. The Stage — via britishnewspaperarchive.

Views Read Edit View history. Frank takes out a whip and whips the floor, provoking Emma and triggering upset emotions. University of Michigan Press.

Screams of pain and noises of children playing are heard from outside the house, but Martin and Emma choose to ignore it. Retrieved from ” https: Vogue Mexico — via Archive. Gambaro’s work calls upon the Nazi regime and European ideals of fascism. Theatre, Texts, and Theories. Frank also makes a remark that there is an odor in hriselda air which means the children are e, the dead dogs again. Martin realizes that she has a number tattooed on her arm and is certain that she escaped from a camp, [6] and asks her certain things about her past, but Emma refuses to answer his questions.


The Tulane Drama Review. She mentions that Frank is out hunting foxes and that he should be back soon. The Camp mostly revolves around the political violence and the effects of grieelda on innocent people who allow themselves to be victims of political torture. University of Pennsylvania Press. Frank and Emma then tell Martin that they campp were playing a prank on him and that Emma chooses to shave her head, does not have an itch, and enjoyed the joke very much.

Discipline and Drama: Panoptic Theatre and Griselda Gambaro’s El campo

Martin begins to get very confused as to where he is. She also looks through her suitcase and pulls out the only outfit her supposed secretary packed for her: Latin American Theatre Review.

American Journal of Sociology. Martin triggers Emma’s memory of grisslda “showers” and she quickly reverts to another topic: Frank sends Emma outside to grab whatever she’d like from the dead foxes.

`EL CAMPO` by Griselda Gambaro – composite reviews- Intern… | Flickr

She throws flowers at the audience and the concert ends. Emma and Martin enter his family home and Martin realizes that something has changed. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat The papers that Frank gives Martin to sort through are actually piles of children’s homework assignments. Often misinterpreted as belonging to the Theatre of the Absurd, [4] The Camp is actually a part of el grotesco criollo[3] an Argentine theatre genre closely related to black comedy.

A Journal of Performance and Art. She wears a prison smock of rough gray cloth, her head is completely shaved, she scratches herself all over her body, but she states that she is not itchy at all and she believes that she is indeed wearing a ball gown. Emma says she cannot stay in the house and demands to be placed in a hotel. Long after World War II, fascist ideals and concentration camps were still very much a part of life for those living in Argentina. Despite how many times Martin has introduced himself to her, Emma still cannot remember his name.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Official then comes over with a hot branding iron as the lights go out on Emma’s groans.

Just then, an Official walks in and rubs his palms together with a sense of satisfaction, commenting that the door was open.

Emma tries to seduce Grisselda on several occasions and becomes confused when Martin does not give in, as Emma has been told that he is an admirer. Frank confesses to Martin that Emma has always been able to leave and that he cannot handle her behavior any longer. Morning Star — via Internet Archive. Frank and Martin discuss the political and social climate of the world while voices of children are heard below the window of the room.