Why is split second decision-making superior to deliberation? Gut Feelings delivers the science behind Malcolm Gladwell?s Blink Reflection and reason. Gerd Gigerenzer, Gut Feelings: Short Cuts to Better Decision Making, Penguin Books, (1st ed. ) ISBN £ (paperback). Gut Feelings by Gerd Gigerenzer. Essay. Joel Edenberg. I found this book to be very good. Even though the book did not contain any surprising.

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How can simple “rules of thumb” help amateurs beat the stock market, outfielders catch a fly ball, parents choose a school, or lovers a mate? Listen, this book is fine. Feb 01, Jeff Kelleher rated it really liked it. Books by Gerd Gigerenzer. I’d recommend the section discussing triage feelungs a cardiac care unit, to any healthcare professional who must make a decision about directing a patient on for any type of care, or who is being asked to render advice about seeking care.

Gigerenzer offers up some theories on how human decision-making actually works hint: Gut feelings are guf fact neither impeccable nor stupid.

Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious by Gerd Gigerenzer

Have no reasonable underlying justification 3. It’s not that long and gives you more information than you think. Much better qualified to help us make decisions is the cognitive, emotional, and social repertoire we call intuition?

With the absence of drop-out rate from both schools, what should this father do? Most of the lousiest episodes in history are the result of applied intuition, from the impaling of Christians, to the feelihgs of witches, to the bleeding of the diseased. The ggierenzer analytic method tells us to list all the criteria that matter, score gigeremzer criterion then add the score up and pick the option with the highest score.


Also that a “fast and frugal” decision tree may be a much better practical tool than a comprehensive decision tree – and maybe that is what all that AI work on heuristics was groping towards?

Now, Gigerenzer explains why our intuition is such a powerful decision-making tool.

Penguin- Psychology – pages. The writing itself was bland, and the book didn’t necessarily delve into these things in a way that made you understand feelongs better than many of the much better books covering the material.

Take an example from the book to explain: Annotated study on the value of instinctive responses over rational ones According to Freud and other intellectuals and philosophers, intuition is unsound and has no merit. I felt for a long time that as a society, we rely too much on “experts” to tell us how to live every nuance of our lives. See all books by Gerd Gigerenzer.

I highly suggest reading these two well written and important books together. His extrapolation into the health care field and moral behavior is especially enlightening. However, I didn’t think any of the core ideas were super insightful and most of the studies cited seemed a bit flawed or at least inconclusive.

Gut Feelings

After all, the text generally exercises more caution than the opening statements and backs off a bit from that initial claim. Gigerener there are some blind believers in Behavioural Economics, but its main proponents – from Ariely to Kahneman, and from Th If the book had been shorter, it might have gained a fourth star – not because it’s too long per se, but because there are just too many pages on which Gigerenzer keeps on sniping at Behavioural Economics, which he believes denies the value of heuristics and gut feelings.

A recommended complement to the BE literature. Gigerenzer is the director of the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany but he makes this text highly accessible for the layperson even concepts that may at first seem daunting deserve perseverance, for it takes just a paragraph or two.


I just didn’t find myself very compelled by this book. Jan 12, Jen rated it liked it. Or if it gigerenzed two people that know the trick, it becomes a tie every single game. Gigeren With reservations, recommended. Based on experience over eons, shortcuts for making decisions came about. But human beings don’t work that way. He points out that reason works better than intution in hindsight.

What is intuition, and where do we get it? I loved this book. This book definitely opened up my mind to how my mind actually works. Mariners, by the way, apply the rule consciously: Toward the end of the book this message started feeling repetitive, so I felt that I was learning less as I read more. So, if you want to save yourself the time and expense of taking a Cognitive Science course, this book is a pretty good solution.

Looking fewlings More Great Reads? Jan 01, Dinah rated it liked it Shelves: Such methods developed with this book in mind are more likely to perform well and be simple to remember and implement.

Gut Feelings () | Max Planck Institute for Human Development

I really would have like to see more carefully crafted research that lets me know if I should really trust my gut feeling over my conscious intellect. I admit I am totally clueless on the subject. Gigerenzer, who is a Besides offering an easy-to-read version of his scientific evidence, Gigenrenzer also provides some real world applications of his theories.

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