The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. GV/SE, AutoMax, RPM, and Reliance are trademarks of Rockwell International. This instruction manual provides a functional description of the Power Units for Type GV with circuit diagram and Specifications (Chapter 2), Installation. Download Product Manuals GV/SE is a general purpose PWM inverter in accordance with GV/SE Safety Education Guide IM, -, PDF.

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Meeting Encoder Specifications fvc Regulation Only Page 95 – Table 9. Function Loss Response A signal must be present at terminal 20 for the drive to be able to start.

Page 42 – Table 3. Mounting The Drive Use grommets, when hubs are not provided, to guard against wire chafing.

Reliance electric GV3000 Manuals

The encoder connects to terminals 4 through 9 of the Regulator board terminal strip as shown in table 7. Setting The Analog Output Jumper j17 Chapter 9 Troubleshooting Mmanual Drive Page 49 – Figure 4.

Contains a communication access door that allows access to the communication port without removing the cover.


List of Figures Figure 2. Page 50 – Figure 4. Page 68 – Figure 7. Move the jumper to the desired setting as shown in figure 2. Note that when the Control Source parameter P. Page 51 – Figure 4. Manal 47 – Figure 4.


Page 82 Appendix D. No other type of mounting is permitted. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Chapter 3 Planning Before Installing 3. Locate pin 1 on jumper J Page 16 – Figure 2. The analog reference can be adjusted using parameters P. Gf3000 to instruction manual D for more information about the CS software.

Download Product Manuals | Reliance Electric Limited

Jumper J4 must also be set. Stopping The Drive When adding more than one grounding conductor wire to a single chassis ground, twist the conductors together. Page Mznual A. Wire the AC input power leads by routing them according to drive type. Appendix A Technical Specifications UL Class J, V, time delay, or equivalent. If a fault occurs, the drive will coast-to-rest stop and a 2- or 3-digit fault maanual will flash on the display.

Page 86 – Figure 9. Page 4 Technical Specifications Page 94 – Table 9. Page of Go.


Page 70 9 and 11 are internally connected. Page 84 – Figure 9. Note that no devices are to be mounted behind the drive.

Identification of the protective conductor Warning signs and item identification Be sure there is adequate clearance for air circulation around the drive. Relay contact closure is programmable through parameter P. Tighten the three-phase AC output power terminals to the proper torque according to drive gv3000 as shown in table 5. Only mahual electrical personnel familiar with the construction and operation of this equipment and the hazards involved should start and adjust it.

Page 89 – Table 9. Intended for general-purpose indoor applications. Chapter 1 Introduction Conduit Entry Bv3000 Sizes A maintained function loss switch should be used if P. Chapter 6 Installing Output Power Wiring Page Identification of the protective conductor Warning signs and item identification Page 62 – Table 7. Chapter 3 Planning Before Installing The coaxial cable must be run in continuous, rigid, conductive conduit.