MT ( ) . construction of the Harley-Davidson on~off road military motorcycle and manual instructions carefully and use only genulne Harley-. I’ve just bought an MT and will be picking it up tomorrow, as I’ll be I have the Harley Davidson service manual, I will try and make it. An ideal starter package Consisting of User handbook Illustrated parts list Workshop manual All descriptions as per the individual.

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The Armstrong MT500 & MT350

For urban commuting, it makes a big difference. Reviews Latest reviews Search reviews. As a Green Lane bike, they are perfect.

They were sold ‘as-is’, part-dismantled, with absolutely no guarantees or information, the company concerned was not trying to fool harkey. Use mineral oil, synthetic makes the clutch snatch.

The Armstrong MT & MT

Not competitive enough for MotoX, but some Enduro riders are happy to accept their extra weight in return for rugged strength. Some electric-start civilian MTs exist in the UK market. If the rack sits straight, and the forks bounce all the way up and down smooth and straight, chances are the bike is hagley.

If it doesn’t start, go to half choke, ‘White in the window’ and swing again. Buying direct ex-army, you will be very lucky to get any history. And has quick-release mountings just mamual case you go over the bars.

MT350 Workshop Manual

Or from a specialist like Force if you want some warranty and backup. Harley-Davidson on side panels on this one.

It is unlikely to have been damaged in a fall – it is well tucked in – but many have rusted internally. Grab it between your hands and squeeze hard, any crunching noises spell doom.


You have no way of knowing what it has done, where it has been, or how well it has been maintained. Starting a MT owners can get all superior and smug at this point. If it doesn’t start, it is probably now flooded.

We have heard that a cc conversion is possible, using the MT top end. Bile-Spewer 6 minutes ago. Dual seat conversions are readily available and bolt straight on. You should not be offered a Q-registration, since you can clearly demonstrate ‘Year of Manufacture’ to be from the Army Papers.

Force Motorcycles are probably the best known, and are very well respected in MT circles. I don’t know how many may have been dropped out of helicopters – maybe that is an urban myth – but some of them will have had a very hard life.

They are heavy for an off-road bike. Seepage can be helped by ensuring that the cap vent is clear and a tube vents from it to air down in the steering head somewhere. Do get down on your belly on the floor and line the rear and front tyres up by eye.

Often, one will be fitted with whatever jets it came with, offering little improvement over standard. It is a bit of hassle having to go to your local VRO – which may not be ‘local’ to you – but they are helpful friendly people, and there is no reason for them to refuse you a registration as long as your paperwork is in order. And unless the carburation is spot on, and the engine is warm, this will happen to you. This article is copyright of Mike Forrester, who runs the excellent motorcyclist site Motorcycle.

There are Dealers who buy at auction from the Armed Forces, check the bike over, then sell to you and I. There are a few other resources out there, though not many, since these were never sold in high numbers.


Join the Army – Regular Officer Recruiting. Replacement is easy, with OEM from a specialist, or that old bodger’s standby, the Honda Superdream unit.

Its a smaller engine to kick over in the first place. Some are rumoured to be released from the Army without ever being started up – and with preservative fluid in the engine, rather than oil.

MT [Archive] – The Harley-Davidson Riders Club Great Britain

You can also try milweb. I would not recommend the newcomer to these bikes to dive head first into buying at auction – especially when you realise that private prices are often less than auction prices.

If you buy one of these bikes, you probably know how to get your hands dirty, so I’ll just say get an Army manual, and work it out for yourself. This may have followed an attempt by Armstrong to build a Police-spec motorcycle, though we don’t think the Police ever took them on.

They are not particularly fast. If it pulls smoothly immediately, congratulate the owner on their carburettor settings. If they have been using the bike, it will have been road-registered, and it should have had any problems sorted out.

Then you take proof of your identity and the LVRO paperwork to your local motor factor, have a number plate made up, and away you go.

They go for about the same money as a private sale. Keeps the wind and rain blast off you, while being small and neat enough not to get in the way even in quite radical off-road play.

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