Water Sensor. Honeywell’s is designed to allow water or any conductive non-flammable liquid to be detected with low voltage and low current. The Honeywell is a 12 volt DC powered water detection module. There is a single PB water probe included with the module, however it does support. Honeywell Water Detection module – Installation Manual.

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Smart Home by Taylor Martin 4 days ago.

ADI | Honeywell Sensors | | WATER SENSOR 12V

I grabbed one of the boards described below from my stash of parts and made a quick liquid detector that worked flawlessly with tap water. I’ve never understood the need for a special module to detect shorting an EOLR through water on the floor.

They are cheap enough to connect several for redundant detectors.

Guyfromhe Security Guru Posts: Tired of spending hours detangling Christmas lights from the year before? January 05, August 02, Some work off of a hub device.


Do this one thing before storing your holiday decorations Smart Home by Alina Bradford 3 days ago. Are there any wired sensors that get power from the panel no batteries required and use sensor cables like the Sensaphone?

– Honeywell väline sensor /le | PB

Logged Guyfromhe Security Guru Posts: I tried to add pictures but only got an error page. Real Knowledge From Real People. There is also the Sensaphone FGD, it’s another battery operated spot water sensor. Did you miss your activation email? January 12, I don’t have a dog and my cat only pees in his litter box so I won’t have that problem but even if someone just spilled a glass of pop on it it would just send me a text message so who cares?

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Honeywell – water leak sensor. Logged nmcbrid Member Posts: I like the copper wires idea. Gregg Gold Member Posts: Retirement, here I come!!! When I worked in data centers they used expensive probes that are gold plated for water detectors and they used the twisted rope types.


LOL, I could just see that!!!

Smart Home by Taylor Martin 3 days ago. Here’s how to get started.

Are there any other wired sensors that I haven’t listed? February 25, February 28, Guyfromhe, would you please post more details?

Honeywell Security 470-12 intruder detector water sensor

The Sensaphone and the Honeywell RWD41 use sensor cables, so you can stretch the cable across the floor and cover a much larger area.

Winland has added the WB which accepts supervised sensors. I might switch to that in the low spot in my basement and add it to the drain system I got now. Smart Home by Taylor Martin 2 days ago. Just make sure you change it to a rated device before the insurance company finds it.