Citation: Matsuyama, Frank A. How to use the yawara stick for police. Berkeley, URI/DOI: Rights: The use of the digitized . Why You Should Learn to Use the Palm Stick for the purpose of self defense ( also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or . Author: Matsuyama F. A. Title: How to use the Yawara stick Year: Link download: How the.

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If adversary tries gawara turn left. As instructor of Police, Police Departments, Police Schools and numerous Law Enforcement bodies, it became apparent that there was a great need for a police weapon which would offer more than ample protection to Police Officers, with a minimum possibility of injury to the person or persons on whom it was used. Schwab Alexander – Mushrooming without fear Author: W-2 Officer follows through, push- ing elbow of adversary up- ward and over, then down- ward with the Yawara stick and at the same time twisting his wrist continuously in die direction which brings the elbow forward as in D From my own experience and from discussions with various Chiefs of Police and other Enforcement Officers.

Its deep-set “spikes,” located just below the knobs at either end of the plastic Yawara stick, are there for the purpose of preventing anyone from wresting it from an Officer’s grasp. If Officer prefers, he may turn left and deliver a blow to kidney, chin or neck with the Yawara stick In his left hand.

How to use the Yawara stick Year: Q-1 Adversary grips arms of chair and refuses to move Officer leans on Yawara stick as he presses il against thumb, thumb knuckle or thumb joint of adversary. To remove stubborn adver- sary from car.

Matsuyama F. A. – How to use the Yawara stick – Aryana Libris

This manual presents in a very concise form a great amount of information, both in words and photographs, which will provide Officers with very vital and practical instructions in the proper use of the Yawara stick.

  ENAPA 2000 PDF

Officer then turns away from adver- sary and walks him away. Both lights are extraordinarily bright 10 times as bright as a 2 D Cell Maglightand easily capable of blinding an attacker with night adapted vision. While I do prefer the LX2 due to the pocket clip for easier carrying and the fact that it has two output levels making it more practical as a regular flashlightthe 6PX Tactical is far cheaper and still an excellent light for self defense.

When adversary grate strap of Officer’s Sam Browne belt with right hand as shown. Officer grabs collar tightly, pushing upward as he shoves the Yawara stick into adver- sary’s kidney. Lien permanent Matsuyama F.

Officer immediately grabs left wrist of adversary with his left hand He then brings the Yawara stick into use. Such marks will prove valuable evidence, even years later, should the culprit escape. Officer strikes back of hand or knuckles of adversary, as shown, instead of head.

This Is the same as in ex- cept that the Yawaar stick is already in position. Otherwise Officer proceeds to H Officer main- tains grasp on Yawara stick, over the thumb and slides bottom of Yawara stick fur- ther back of thumb.

Non— If Officer is left- handed he may prefer to use this same hold on adversary’s right hand. Self-organizing flow technology In For most of my time teaching and practicing martial arts I’ve been against the palm stick for self defense.

In case of a life or death fight. Officer leads adversary by walking backwards and maintaining a strong grip on the Yawara slick. Officer then leads adversary away on his knees as shown.

Next, the Officer moves the Yawara stick midway be- tween the elbow and shoul- der of adversary and presses bottom of Yawara stick into adversary’s arm. I X-3 Also, under circumstances described In X-2, the blow may be struck with either end of the Yawara stick to the solar-plexus, crotch or any part of the body.


The tactical flashlight as a palm stick can also blind an attacker at night, and the pen as a palm stick can be used as a dagger.

Palm Stick

The blow yqwara be struck with either end of the Yawara stick. Officer maintains grasp on Yawara stick, over the thumb, ise slides bottom of Yawara stick further back of thumb.

This l s a rear view of the hold shown in J Remember, the blow may be struck with either end of the Yawara stick. Officer turns right and striked kidney, chin or neck with Yawara stick in his right hand. Officer squeezes tightly and walks Officer can walk man yse in P-3, or he can grab hwo and little finger of adversary’s hand, bending fingers back- ward as hand is thrust for- ward. First, you’re highly unlikely to actually succeed in striking the arm of an incoming punch when you have no idea when, where, how, or with what arm it will be thrown.

This weapon should be required equipment for every police- man, especially the plain clothes officers of the police service. Just enter your name and email below:. The determining question should be, “what is the most effective technique for the given position?

Although it may hurt to get struck in the arm, there are two serious problems with this. Note— If Officer prefers he can quickly change the Yawara stick from his right to left hand and strike back of adversary’s right hand. And unlike guns, larger sticks, and knives, some version of ywwara palm stick a flashlight or pen for example can be carried even when traveling to areas where weapons are not allowed, including on planes.

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