The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or IATSE is a labor union . Each local functions autonomously, maintaining their own Constitution and By-Laws, elections, dues structure, membership meetings, and more. Locals . more fully defined in Article XVIII, Sections 9 and 10 of the International Constitution. ARTICLEII OBJECTS. SECTION 1. This Local is dedicated to the principals. IATSE is composed of local International Alliance of Theatrical Stage unions and members are enumerated in the International Constitution and By- Laws.

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Our members are involved in all phases of a production, from its conception through every aspect of its execution. Additionally, the department operates outreach programs to high school and college students. Linthicum Heights, MD near Baltimore. The Appeals Committee, which reviews the appeals of decisions of the General Executive Board, and makes recommendations to the assembled delegates.

Each local functions independently, maintaining their own Constitution and By-Laws, elections, dues structure, membership meetings, and more. Get Help My Account. For example, if a local had 49 members, they would have one delegate. They also provide services to their members by administering health and retirement funds and providing training and education.

Theatrical Protective Union of NY”. It is through our combined strength that we have been able to achieve some of the highest wages and best working conditions to be found among skilled craftspersons anywhere.

costitution But that alone is insufficient. Founded inthe International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees represents workers in the entertainment industry.

Many Districts meet annually.

The District Conventions are for delegates of the affiliated locals to share common interests, problems, and receive education and training. On both the International and local union levels, the motivating principle of the IATSE is to represent every worker employed in our crafts.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) – Entertainment Law

Inthe five departments were established: The laws of the I. The quadrennial convention of the International is immediately preceded by conventions of the Districts.

The General Executive Board has the legislative authority to amend the International Constitution by unanimous vote and the judicial authority to hear appeals from locals and members from decisions of the International President. Of the Vice Presidents, two are designated to come iiatse Canadian locals; one is designated to come from the West Coast Studio production locals; another, the Special Department locals; and the remainder are undesignated. Stagecraft members work in venues that include Broadway knternational, opera houses, dance centers, regional theaters, seasonal outdoor amphitheaters, arenas, concert halls, parks, television awards venues and stadiums.


We represent virtually all behind the scenes workers iate to the functioning of the entertainment industry, from all forms of live entertainment to motion picture and televisions to conventions and trade shows. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada was founded internatiinal when representatives of stagehands working in eleven cities met in New York and pledged to support each other’s efforts to establish fair wages and working conditions for their members.

Inrepresentatives of stagehands from eleven cities met in New York to discuss working conditions for their peers.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

The Canadian Department works with stage locals to organize more theaters, venues, and shows. The Board of Trustees reviews the financial books and records of the organization.

Can you gain their trust?

Every four years, convention delegates, elected by their local unions, review the progress of the organization; its policies are affirmed or altered; plans for the future are formulated; and its Constitution and By-Laws are kept up to date. The system is still in process today, and is referred to as the “yellow card system.

Local is part of District Our name has evolved over the course of years of geographic and craft expansion as well as technological advancement. The International convenes craft caucuses at the Convention, which enable delegates from local unions representing similar crafts to discuss issues of importance to them. Attorneys Do you Care to Help People? District Conventions are required to be held at intsrnational once every two years.

The Constitution Committee, which reviews proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws submitted by resolution, and constiturion recommendations to the assembled delegates.

Since the birth of our organization, stage hands and projectionists have been joined by a great variety of other craftspersons in the numerous branches of the entertainment industry, including motion picture and television production, product demonstration and industrial shows, conventions, facility maintenance, casinos, audio visual, and computer graphics.


Views Read Edit View history. While most contracts are negotiated locally or by region, the General Office signs nationwide agreements in cases where they are warranted by the nature of the work involved. Locals negotiate labor contracts regarding wages, work rules, and grievance procedures. Education internatjonal Training, and Broadcast. This document governs the operation of the International Union and its relationship to the individual local unions and members. During a period when private sector union membership has been in sharp decline, the IATSE has continued to grow.

Monday, December 17, The current title, adopted inmore accurately reflects the full scope of our activities in constitutin entertainment industry. These Districts hold annual conventions to discuss their regional interests and concerns. The New York Times. The Agreement established the wages and working conditions applicable to motion picture and television production technicians and artisans employed in the production of television commercials, and was intended to recognize and address the special needs of the television commercial production process.

IATSE Local 849

Each craft falls under one of four departments: In internationnal, each Quadrennial Convention of the International is immediately preceded by conventions of the Districts.

The International now also conducts education sessions to intetnational local union officers in supporting their membership. The Election Committee, which reviews the credentials of the delegates. The Resolution Committee, which reviews resolutions submitted in support of the adoption of certain policies by the International and makes recommendations to the assembled delegates. Canadian Locals Welcomed into the Alliance”.

Equally dedicated to leadership skills for union officers and craft skills and safety training for workers, the department sponsors and promotes union skills courses and workshops. The department also provides support for Canadian members and locals, coordinates efforts on national initiatives with regards to benefits, legislation, political activism, lobbying, and more.