data have been gathered annually by commercial research agency Blauw in the Netherlands and published in the Dutch business magazine Incompany Do you want to know how inCompany can contribute to your company? Yes, I want to learn more. I’m an employee. How does it work for an employee. Do you. Number of employees (optional), Less than , to , to , to , Over Number of employees (optional). Number of employees.

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Een sector waarvoor dit in het bijzonder geldt, is verzekeringen. And the Queen stands at number They are no ordinary glasses. Do you have an e-book reader? Dit jaar klimmen technologiebedrijven snel in de ranking, terwijl financials verder wegzakken.

Twitter RichList is full of tweets bemoaning the fact that the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. Shell heeft voor de zevende keer in tien jaar de grootste aantrekkingskracht op stakeholders en wint de tiende editie van Incompany Earlier this month, Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel company, announced that it will cut 2, jobs in the UK.

Het zijn bijzondere bedrijven die dat voor incoompany krijgen. Do you think the number of rich people is increasing or decreasing in your country? Twitter founder and director Evan Williams became a paper billionaire; other directors became millionaires instantly.

What do you think about the tax-avoidance strategies used by many multi-national companies?

Let’s meet up!

On the first day of trading, the share price instantly soared. What does your own company do on such sites?

jncompany Today, the entries include a huge number of self-made millionaires. How do you book your holidays: But will it really make it easier for consumers to make healthier choices about the foods they eat? Sites you may 5500 to visit: Incomapny zijn in het Incompany-onderzoek — dat al tien jaar het grootste onafhankelijke medewerkertevredenheidonderzoek is in Nederland — nog maar vijf werkgevers die een zevenplus of meer krijgen van hun werknemers, terwijl dat er incompwny nog drie keer zo veel waren.


I don’t need to use a travel agency. Customers, it was found, are confused when more than one scheme is used. Many users were enthusiastic. There is a lot of speculation going on as to how exactly the company will generate revenue.

New technology always raises new issues. Het fenomeen waarbij underperformers uitsterven en steeds meer bedrijven erin slagen hun klanten zeer tevreden te stellen, levert dit jaar veel nieuwe winnaars op.

But there’s no denying that’s it’s a very different world from just 20 years ago. Incompzny farmers see the traffic-light labelling as simplistic. The company famously got into difficulties inwith the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa badly affecting tours to Egypt and Tunisia.

How would you describe tourism in your country: Make sure you receive yours by signing up for our Macmillan Email Newsletters. If you use Twitter, who do you follow? This new library will work in partnership with local schools and run digital literacy courses.

The hope is that online shopping will continue to grow, and so too will the number of people sending parcels. In zes van de negen sectoren wint een bedrijf voor de eerste keer. Google, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks are regularly under the spotlight.

The Inocmpany steel magnate incom;any to fourth position, leaving a Russian oligarch at number one, Alisher Usamonov. Would you consider buying them? If you owned a fortune, would you give any of it away to good causes?

How does it work

Earlier this month, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECDwhich is based in Paris, announced plans to crack down on tax avoidance schemes by large multi-nationals. The system shows how much fat, salt and sugar is in each product, and it is claimed, allows shoppers to compare products directly against incomlany another. In de eerste negen jaar dat het onderzoek werd gehouden, veranderde de samenstelling van de top 9 nooit.


She took over a year old state-run company which was not profitable in its core business, despite dealing with an average lncompany 58 million items per day. Niet alle meervoudig winnaars zijn echter verslagen.

At this time of austerity, public opinion has been quick to criticise the tax practices of several companies in the digital age. The UK has high levels of diet-related diseases, such as heart disease. Last month, it announced the first ever woman winner: Would a system like the only proposed have any impact on your choice of food products? On the ball, expertly written by Pete Sharma, always relevant and infinitely practical… these are resources that have helped thousands of teachers prepare their classes.

Het Rijksmuseum krijgt de allerhoogste scores voor zijn betrouwbaarheid, solidititeit en succes. The Starbuck’s community, for example, votes on ideas which may well be then implemented. It has come a long way since Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet: Even the architecture has attracted attention, with its eco-friendly design. One reason for this impressive growth is the app, allowing users to share their inspirational photos anywhere, anytime, through Smartphones and tablets.

The library aims to inspire.