Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Intermec PX4I User Manual • Intermec Printers. PX4i – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Do not use a higher printhead pressure than necessary, because it may increase the wear of the printhead and shorten its life. Intermec does not guarantee that such short labels will work, but it is up to users to test this in their unique application.

Page 25 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 4 Raise the printhead by turning the printhead lift lever counter- clockwise.

Before You Begin 3 In the Select a Product field, choose the product whose documentation you want to download.

The Delay repeat setting represents how often the alert message will be sent when the preset value is reached. You must turn off the power before replacing the printhead. Product field to help you locate the product whose documentation you want to download. Clean the printer with a cotton swab saturated with alcohol. Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 2 Feed the media through the slot in the rear plate. Page 52 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 10 Route the media through the print unit and push it in as far as it will go.


Configuring Avalanche Settings Agent address and Port in the text fields.

Intermec PX4i User Manual – Page 1 of 72 |

During printing, the rewind hub rotates counter- clockwise. You can also use the CF card to upgrade printer firmware.

Bar Codes 2 Prints a vertical set of bar codes. Page Everett, Washington U. P4xi whether the specified trap is enabled. The network card MAC address can be found on the label below the socket. To load media for cut-off printing 1 Turn off the printer. This process makes the real-time generated pages of the printer appear in the Intermec style.

Intermec PX4i User Manual

Everett, Washington U. Chapter 1 — Using the Printer To load media for tear-off printing 1 Turn off the printer. Agent Enter your user name and password in the entry fields. Specifications Specifications This appendix contains specifications for the printer and media. Page 65 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 11 Turn the printhead lift lever clockwise to lower the printhead.

USB devices to the printer at manjal same time. Chapter 2 — Physical Installation 13 From the inside of the electronics compartment, insert the antenna connector through the You can also use Fingerprint and IPL to create and print labels. This message appears Blinking when the print job is paused.

Page 43 8 Route the media under the slack absorber and forward toward the print mechanism. For preproduction DAT printers. You can download PrintSet from the downloads page for the printer on the Intermec web site at ,anual.


This screen appears the first time you turn on your printer.

Use this illustration to familiarize yourself with the buttons and lights on the printer. Keep your fingers away from cutting edges. Page 42 5 Remove any empty core from the media supply hub. Page This method can be especially useful for black marks. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Setting this to anything other than Page 45 Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 10 Turn the printhead lift lever clockwise to lower the printhead.

Intermec PX4I User Manual

It also contains information about accessories for the printer. The slack absorber can be rotated for better access and then snap-locked in open position. Keep in mind that some error messages: Page of 72 Go. Page 7 Accessories for the Printer Note the snap-lock on the inner connector.

There are dark lines along the media There may be foreign particles on the printhead.

Chapter 4 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Printer To replace the printhead 1 Turn off the printer. Page 53 12 Route the labels around the guide plate and back under the print unit to the takeup hub.

When changing the parameters, the web pages are permanently customized. Decrease the printhead pressure.

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