De todos los prebióticos, se sospecha que la inulina HP y el sinergil (30% oligofructosa y 70% de inulina) son los que mantienen una relación más estrecha con. La Inulina, Los Fructooligosacáridos (FOS), los trans-GOS, la lactulosa y el . sin embargo, sólo la mezcla de oligofructosa (GP 4) e inulina (GP 25) mostró una. Many translated example sentences containing “inulina u oligofructosa” el producto contiene inulina y oligofructosa extraídas de la achicoria.

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Aliment Pharmacol Ther Mar;27 6: Inhibitory effect of dietary inulin or oligofructose on the development of cancer metastases.

Beneo Orafti Chile. Planta de Inulina y Oligofructosa.

Int J Vitaminol Nutr Res. Alimentos funcionais em angiologia e cirurgia vascular.

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En el estudio realizado por Coudray et al. J Am Coll Nutr.

Beneo, Orafti y Orafti Synergi1

The possibilities of its use are being considered due to its prebiotic properties. The objective of this review was to summarize the present knowledge on the physiological effects of prebiotic carbohydrate consumption and oligofurctosa possible interference with calcium bioavailability. The aqueous extracts were standardized for inulin content by using a fructose standard method and a validated analytical technique.


Resistant starch as funcional ingredient. Hay evidencias de este mecanismo en algunas especies Este mecanismo se ha demostrado en la Bifidobacterium infantisque posee actividad beta fructofuranosidasa 18y en el Lactobacilus paracasei Various indigestible saccharides enhance net oligofructisa transport from the epithelium of the small and large intestine of rats in vitro.

Prebiotics and their effect on calcium bioavailability

Promotion of intestinal tumor formation by inulin is associated with an accumulation of cytosolic beta-catenin in Min mice. Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides improve magnesium absorption in adolescent girls with a low calcium intake. Lactose and Lactose derivaties as bioactive ingredients in human nutrition. Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides reduce the occurrence of colon tumors and develop gut-associated lymphoid tissue in Min mice.

Beneo, Orafti y Orafti Synergi1 – Tech Press

Anticancer Res ;18 6A: Young adolescents who respond to an inulin-type fructan substantially increase total absorbed calcium and daily calcium accretion to the skeleton.

Inulin, oligofructose and mineral metabolism: How to cite this article. A human, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of prebiotic, probiotic, and synbiotic supplementation: Diet, anaerobic bacterial metabolism, and colon cancer: Gastrointestinal microflora, food components and colon cancer prevention.

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