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The resulting mean relations are plotted in Fig. View large Download slide. Finally, our observations provide stringent upper limits on molecular gas fraction in the case of CO non-detections. During the pilot observations of June, we took offset pointings one full beam from the central position.

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Fluxes are measured by integrating over the region identified though this process, and the flux ratio between offset and central pointings is used to determine an appropriate aperture correction for each galaxy using the technique described in Section 4. The mean molecular gas mass fraction is a roughly constant function of stellar mass, both for detections alone and when including non-detections, as shown in Fig. The breakthrough here is that COLD GASS allows us to quantitatively describe, in an unbiased sample, how the molecular gas component varies with several key physical parameters which are at the basis of the theoretical effort towards understanding the star formation process.

We simulate the impact of observing galaxies with the IRAM beam by taking each lram the maps, placing it at different redshifts in the range 0. The sample is selected purely according ira, stellar mass, and therefore provides an unbiased view of molecular gas in irxm systems. Each image has a size of 1.

We used equation 3 and Fig. The reason why so few scaling laws involving cold gas and global galaxy properties, such as masses, sizes and bulge-to-disc ratios, exist in the literature, is the difficulty in acquiring suitable data.


We also fold into this catalogue 15 galaxies observed ieam June, as a part of a pilot programme designed to test the feasibility of the survey. The values of have been homogenized for cosmology and the CO-to-H 2 conversion factor, but even with ifam corrections a scatter of more than 2 orders of magnitude is observed.

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The recession velocity is taken as the mid-point of this line. Detections in CO are shown as circles iam We observe the bluer galaxies generally CO-luminous under poorer weather conditions. ISMradio lines: We see no evidence for such systems in our sample.

These samples are excellent for studying star formation laws within galaxies e. The second band is tuned to a frequency of The peaks of the signal 35099 identified, and a linear fit is applied to each side of the profile between the 20 and 80 per cent peak flux level. After having looked separately at the properties of CO detections and non-detections as a function of several global galaxy parameters Fig. With its new, large-bandwidth receivers, the IRAM m telescope is the instrument of choice to conduct a new large molecular gas survey, allowing the community to move from dedicated studies of particular types of galaxies, to larger systematic efforts.

For example, in the redshift range 0. However, a few well-established scaling laws exist describing how the cold gas is correlated with the other global physical properties of galaxies. Within the subsample of galaxies detected both in H i and in CO, the fraction varies greatly, from 0. Instead, we measure the logarithm of the mean value of in each bin, and fit these average values. With reliable measurements of molecular gas for a large, unbiased sample of galaxies, it is possible not only to quantify scaling relations, but also to construct idam accurate molecular gas mass function.

Our choice of is roughly the mean of values estimated in the Milky Way and in nearby galaxies e. This suggests that some re-accretion of gas may still be possible following igam quenching event.


The wobbler-switching mode is used for all the observations with a frequency of 1 Hz and a throw of arcsec. Email alerts New issue alert. The process includes registering the images and smoothing them to a common point spread function PSF.


Data reduction includes Hanning smoothing, bandpass subtraction, radio frequency interference RFI excision, flux calibration and weighted combination of individual spectra.

The overall CO detection rate is 54 per cent, but our survey also uncovers the existence of sharp thresholds in galaxy structural parameters such as stellar mass surface density and concentration index, below which all galaxies have a measurable cold gas component but above which the detection rate of the CO line drops suddenly.

The optical diameter from SDSS g -band imaging D 25 and the flux ratio between offset and central pointings f off are given in each case. Even in the stack, the red galaxies lead to a non-detection of the CO line, thus setting an even more restrictive upper limit on the molecular gas mass fraction of 0.

The emission lines are identified by examining the spectra at the expected positions based on the redshift on each galaxy, and the width of CO the line in the central pointing is used as additional information. Observations for this first data release were conducted between December and October. A significant fraction of this observed scatter can be attributed to measurement errors and inhomogeneities in the sample.

Observations are carried out at the IRAM m telescope. When multiple measurements are found for the same galaxy, the newest is assumed to supersede previous values.