One Year Manual has ratings and 11 reviews. Fr. said: Ostensibly, this manual is the nuts and bolts of what Regardie thought we need to achieve commu. Dr. Israel Regardie Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment THE ONE YEAR MANUAL First published as Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment by the. this book is by Israel Regardie. I just wanted to know your opinion/comment on this book anyone going to start this one year manual with me?.

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Be with me now in this, the Yexr Work, which I dedicate wholly to Thee. This was a very simple and we’ll explained manual for those that feel overwhelmed by it all. What if, in all humility, he realizes that his job, whatever that may be, depletes his energies so that no longer is there satisfaction to be obtained from it?

For example, if some event has occurred to produce a fearful reaction, it may seem almost impossible to some people to switch the mind over to another topic.

I am fully confident that if you have the self discipline to work your way through his very well thought out and deceptively simple program, you would be well on your way to spiritual nirvana and contact with your guides.

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He may com- bine this with the rhythms of his breathing, as already describ- ed earlier. Once it started involving magic rituals without any sort of background or explanation I figured I was either out of my league or out of grains of salt. A vast amount of spiritual energy has thus been stirred up and thrown into the organism.

Pointing towards the floor, trace another Rose Cross and vibrate the two names. Several experiences wrankled in my mind not only about the title but by the Christian references which were really quite foreign to my outlook. In order to acquire this patience, there are methods to be used which will facilitate our progress to this ultimate end. There are innumerable variations to be rung on this simple theme. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I am He, the Grace of the World!


Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Before lying or sitting down, there are a couple of movements that I recommend to patients in the office.

The second step concerns a method of very deep physical relaxation. Most should realize that it is going to take time to achieve skill and mastery in these methods.

I have known many students throughout the years who, having read these instructions, have for one or more reasons been put off, finding them entirely too complicated or difficult or unintelligible.

Sensations in different portions of the body will come and go, without apparent rhyme or reason. Inflame Thyself with Prayer! Similarly manusl structure must be fleshed out with details granted by ones tradition.

This should be resisted. It is a mass of white and gray substance, convoluted and twisted in upon itself, divided by a long fissure into two lateral hemispheres, with a front and rear portion. In much the same way, the entire body should be visualiz- ed, following the surface of the skin obe from the manuall, neck, shoulders and arms, thorax, pelvis and abdomen, thighs, legs and feet.

I cannot conceive how the student who has pondered over a classical invocation and understood it to the extent of employing it as his personal means of exaltation, can refrain from being strongly moved emotionally.

Apply a similar technique to the shoulder and arms. If you are able to, pursue the process twice a day, morning and evening.

The outcome of this is that a profound relaxation of ner- vous tension develops merely on the basis of watching. Sable-plumed are the wonderful wings.

“The One Year Manual” by Dr. Israel Regardie | The Magical Messiah

It should appear to the imagination something like this: We do the very best we can in any situation, knowing that He is guiding and guarding us — and letting Him worry about us. One of these is the method described in a little book I wrote some years ago. The spiritual fact to be considered is the primordial relationship existing between air and spirit.


These are simply a series of imaginative concepts which have the effect of furthering the relaxation of the body and mind begun in earlier months, and at the same time preparing the trained mind to consider new spiritual truths.

It means allowing Him to dictate all our activities and keeping our hands and minds from meddling with His work, reserving them only as tools which He can use as He sees fit for our betterment and progress. The issue at hand is that these words can be put to a type of beat to be paced by the metronome which in turn times the rhythm of the breathing. Theoretically, it is designed for the ideal student. Concentrate upon its scintillating brilliance, imagining it whirling and vibrating, and very soon there will be some awareness, some sensation-feeling of something being ac- tivated above the head.

These tensions hamper the breathing pro- cess. Either a supine or upright position may be us- ed. But only after the technique ierael been mastered orally — not until then. Description Explains how to progress from the physical disciplines of body awareness, relaxation, and lsrael breathing, through concentration, developing will, mantra-practice, to the ultimate awareness that All is God. Specific questions are always welcome, but any post relating to these topics will be removed.

Approximately half an hour at a time should be given over to this practice.

One Year Manual : Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

Include also, piecemeal, the scalp and the back of the head. I was about to start this and got to the 1st page where one is suppose to pray four times a day. Therefore ivent the prophet unto the mountain, and spake unto it.

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