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Incidentally, it makes little difference to this scheme whether one uses the traditional Hebrew system of gematria or numerology, or the more modern so-called Pythagorean numerology.

It may well be compared with the candidate for initiation.

Meditation on the almost infinite meanings of these Saturn symbols should also help to implant in the depths of the psyche the spiritual essence required.

VINCENT 4 9 5 3 5 5 2 Ordinarily in Western numerology, the vowels are separated from the consonants, but for the purpose of sigil-making, we will not follow this custom. Jamie Godsafe rated it really liked it Regarde 15, Published May 1st by Thorsons Publishers first published Let this be done several times, as if you breathed upon the Tablet pronouncing them in the vibratory manner. Business, money, employment, practical affairs, etc. Then it should be painstakingly copied on to the final parchment, vellum, or coloured paper which israwl be the talizmans talisman.

Within this ring were the seven double letters rgardie to the seven planets. Sandra rated it it was ok Nov 27, The student who has gone thus far, and has to some extent studied the technical procedures once used in this magical Order, should have no difficulty understanding or applying the following instruction. The day has long since passed when the average intelligent person knew no other sacred scriptures than talis,ans of his own family, country and religion.


The structure might seem very foreign or restrictive for practitioners who don’t work with these systems. Incidentally, make it a cardinal rule never to leave the rough drafts of any kind of magical design lying around carelessly. The result would be a flashing talisman, that is, the use of complementary colours would result in ocular flashings, as a little experimental work will prove. It is followed by changing the colour of the electro-magnetic tegardie, by an effort of imagination, to that of the element being considered.

Inside this second ring, was a third subdivision of large petals where were found the three mother letters so-called, referred to the three prime elements of fire, water and air. The first method is predicated upon a species of meditation, the second is a ceremonial magical consecration. And there was light! He has tried to lift himself up by his own bootstraps, but to no avail.

The student will find himself amply repaid by experimenting with the drawing of sigils of every conceivable type of name on this Rose of twenty-two petals. So that, finally, the numbers we will use on the Square for the sigil are: These personally designed talismans are much preferred to those copied from this or any other text.

Both classes of names should be used in these operations. Then invoke the Divine Names turning towards the quarter of the Element.

How to Make & Use Talismans

These Symbols therefore may be placed around the circumference of the circle, together with the traditional symbol of Water, the inverted Triangle. Futhermore, I see no reason why the student should be confined to the Bible or any other single book for his authority in the projects involved. Of course, as a reference you’ll want to revisit it a time or two or have some similar material nearby when constructing your talisman s.


Some of the regardle on the Tarot cards could be reproduced to great advantage on the talismans, if the student wishes. Want to Read saving….

There are three symbols attributed to the Watery triplicity, but since Rubeus for Scorpio is pantently an evil sign, it is best omitted, leaving only Populus for Cancer and Laetitia for Pisces.

Oct 22, Gregory rated it really liked it. We will consider each briefly in turn.

How to Make & Use Talismans by Israel Regardie

Their divinatory meanings as given in the section on Tarot provide us with the major materials we need. Moonbow rated it really liked it Jun 20, Then solemnly read any invocation required, making the proper sigils from the Rose as you pronounce the Names.

Pleasure, marriage, fertility, happiness, parties, etc. For the centre of the fourth side, my decision is to make a large sigil of the elemental King whose name is Yalismans.

The only requirement is that he copy artistically. Krystalynne rated it it was amazing Jul 07, On one of the sides, it seems that a peculiarly appropriate symbol would be the Ace of Cups from, let us say, the Waite or Golden Dawn pack of the Tarot cards, using as many of the colours on my talismans as are found on the card.

Dusan rated it it was amazing Mar 17, It is made to serve a specific end, to bring good fortune in some area of life, or to achieve some specifically named goal. For many years, when experimenting with talismans, I followed the ancient rules.

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