Jeppesen Principles of Flight JAA ATPL Training Edition 2 Vol 8 [Jeppesen] on Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #8,, in Books (See Top in Books). Students preparing for the JAA ATPL theoretical knowledge . Fire Detection/ Protection 8 FUEL SYSTEMS Chapter 1 Aircraft Fuel Systems; 8. This text book is to be used only for the purpose of private study by individuals and may not be reproduced in any form authorised national aviation authority to deliver EASA ATPL training. Flight Planning & Monitoring. 8. Human Performance & Limitations 9 Part of the JAA medical examination is a test for.

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BB code is On. I can’t believe they cover the same material. It is a simple repackaging job, and the customer gets the benefit. vook

The CATS material is also hard going for private study. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here’s where you can hang out.

Add a Poll to this Thread. Thanks for the tip with padpilot books! Risk perspective is crucial, although if scope of some subjects also differs to a great extent, I am also looking for such information.

Other stpl may not necessrily be better, but are often different enough to help you remember. Nordian used to be awful but has recently been edited by a senior instructor in the industry so will have improved, but their material still needs filling in with instruction.


They can supplement your new study course notes Dont scrimp on study materialit will show in your results. Thank you all for your tips!


S phil’s course notes are spot on. I would also mention, if you get the book, that anything marked in a distinctive way italics, bold lettering, gook down the side has relevance to a known question, although it won’t be the actual question, of course.

On top of that, you will find the Jeppesen books hard going for private study. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Unless you can self-certify, you will need a school anyway and they will provide notes for you. Aypl would keep the other notes, however – they are out of date, but the basics never change, and it’s always good to have a second view of a subject.

Jaa Atpl Book 8 – Oxford Aviation Jeppesen – Human Performance

I will be doing the course in distance learning mode, so the books will be my primary source of knowledge, not the course notes. The former comes as separate books for each subject, the latter is all in one, so less expensive.

Hi, I bought Jeppesen ATPL books 8 years ago for a theory course, however I never managed to pursue the exams and futher training until now. Find More Posts by Gordon Bennet. The two alternatives left without going through a school are the padpilot books available off itunes – a little overkill but professionally done, and Naa Croucher’s EASA Professional Pilot Studies.


Jjaa suppose meteorology could not have changed, but should I skip reading the Air Law book at least? Last edited by jamesbond6; 23rd Jul at You may not post new threads.

Professional Pilot Training includes ground studies A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Get the PDF version – tablet friendly, more pages, expandable graphics, low fat, no animals used in manufacture Certainly ignore the ops and air law chapters, though. I know I have to go through the course again, just wondered how much I can rely on books I already have while self studying.

Can anybody explain which books can be so outdated I should not risk learning from material which simply will not deliver correct answers? None of the books are wastedthere just out of date.


If I’m allowed to mention, there is no catch – the course notes are there anyway and were developed for another reason. Find More Posts by ersa. Phil’s course notes are MUCH less expensive and – as you mentioned – it’s just jas book.

Find More Posts by jamesbond6. You need an update – there have been a lot of questions added since then!

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