The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Gegenwart, a book which was published in German in two parts around and The central . Our purpose here is to become acquainted with Jean Gebser’s seminal work, The Ever- Present Origin [1]. To this end, it would be helpful at the onset to gain a. Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin “Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany”, Aaron.

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Jan 11, Kaya Prpic rated it gebaer was amazing Shelves: An aspect of integral awareness is the presentiation, or “making present”, of the various structures of awareness. A “value-free” ontology like materialism leads of necessity to living “without value”. An unrivaled phenomenology of consciousness, interpreted a la early historicity. Thus, awareness is already integral. Gaus What is the relationship between history and fiction in a place with a contentious past?

One of the most influential books I have ever read. The aperspective integral epoch is not an ontology, a theory of being or existence of the mental structure, but etiology anatomy, diagnosis.

Opening remarks

Transparency points to how it is that the one is “given-through” and always “along-with” the other. He died in Berne on May 14, It is difficult, it is dense, it is odd pages long, but I don’t want to miss a drop.


I’m not even sure his starting point, by any standard of rigor is “sound”. Born in Posen inJean Gebser came from an old Franconian family domiciled in Thuringia since He calls upon us to realize that we are what we think. Symbols and statues do not just represent those events, objects and persons, but are those same objects and persons.

Nov 30, Joel rated it it was ok. Gebzer is not just a mirror, but an active presence.

To ask other readers questions about The Ever-Present Originplease sign up. It also resembles Asian religious philosophical terms and views, such as Rigpa in Dzogchenand Ramana Maharshi ‘s view on awareness as the sole reality underlying the ego-structure or “I-thought.

Jean Gebser

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eever-present don’t share his broad characterizations of “the orient”. Eileen Marder-Mirman rated it it was amazing May 07, In the second part of his work, Gebser set out to document the evidence that he saw throughout various human endeavors.

Ever Present Origin is never far from my reach Open Preview See a Problem? The mental is analytical, dualistic, and skeptical of the other structures of consciousness.

As I read it, an understanding emerged Manifestations of the Aperspectival World: Reading this, one eve-rpresent actually embody the thin screen door between historicism and historicity; the transformation of all theory from a thorough revaluation of humankind’s engagement with existence and being. My whole mentality changed, and I saw through barriers that were impenetrable to me before. Jul 24, Michael Neal rated it it was amazing.


The Ever-Present Origin by Jean Gebser

In Gebser emigrated to Italy and subsequently lived in Ever-preseht where he was attached to the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Republic. These jumps or transformations involve structural changes in both mind and body.

Gebser saw that it is the very consciousness structure itself which has played out to its inherent end. The philosophical issue of being versus non-being becomes an out-of-date mental artifact.

The title choice available that was correct lacked this image, which is correc Without a reliable and observable evolutionary “spine” to collective and individual consciousness, the world is condemned to its present schizoid state of savage cleverness. His theory seems to be thw these structures unfold in a sequential but non-linear fashion i. A Curriculum for Cultural Evolution. Ken Wilber referred to and quoted Gebser along with many other theorists in his Up from Eden and subsequent works.