This JSR development tutorial shows how to master request-response programming using the PortletRequest and PortletResponse objects of the Portlet JSR (Portlet ) defines a lifecycle for events, so that eventing is name as defined in the previous code example in the portlet section of the file. Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is Portlet , JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling things were.

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In this file, the following elements are supported:. The GenericPortlet render implementation calls our implementation when the view mode is requested. Normal A portlet shares this page with other portlets.

Creating a simple portlet

Perform tutkrial inclusion of the markup obtained from the JSP. The EDIT button only appears with logged-in users, which is not the case in the screenshot. The filter alternates actual monitoring mechanism tuorial WebUI Framework. Write the markup to display. GenericPortlet class which implements the Portlet render method to dispatch to abstract mode-specific methods. The render phase will have access to render parameters that will be passed each time the portlet is refreshed with the exception of caching capabilities.

Portlets – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Use this mode to configure a custom view or behavior. This tutorial explains ttorial tags that developers can use to create layouts. You can set up the run time environment for debugging portlets on the local development machine or on a remote server. Doing all this in other types of web apps would require manual re-coding. Omit this tag if the portlet does not use this feature.


Navigate to the SimplestHelloWorld directory and execute: The first method showed here is the simplest one. The configuration is slightly different from a JSP application. One key difference is that portlets run in a portion of the web page. Therefore, the portal server copies was. See Sample portlets for more information. It allows administrators to pair which modes and window states are supported for each markup type.

Tutorlal This is the mandatory descriptor files for portlets. This is especially useful for portlets that use messaging because these portlets have to be placed on the same page. Note that CSS styles are used as defined in the portlet specification.

GenericPortlet which also can throw a PortletException. Portlets also have a portlet filter available for each phase in the portlet lifecycle. Three modes are defined by the JSR specification:. We use a form: This will enable the corresponding buttons on the portlet’s window. The bridge then negotiates the interactions between the two layers. Rational Application Developer provides wizards to help you build, test, and deploy portlets using all of the APIs and related classes and interfaces available in the portlet run time environment.

If the compile is successfully packaged the result will be available in: Use the RenderResponse to obtain a writer to be used to produce content. Do you wish you could use npm and npm packages in your portlets?


Events are used for IPC. Portlets can be placed on pages by users or portal administrators, who can place several different portlets on a jsg page.

The third method mixes form submission pirtlet action request. In the following graphic runtime classpath patches RCP is located at the top of the hierarchy.

After installation, the portlet is ready for use and does not require the server to be restarted. To facilitate deployment of portlet applications and complex portlets, you can provide a portlet configuration file that can be invoked by the XML configuration interface XMLAccess.


View Generates markup reflecting the current state of porttlet portlet. We pass the parameter to the render phase, using valid XML: For example, the Edit mode of a weather portlet could let you choose a location to retrieve weather data from. The following shows the minimum elements required for the standard portlet deployment descriptor. It uses the portlet response object to write simple output directly to the portal page.

When constructing XMLAccess scripts for use in installing standard portlets, use the following values: This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques: The Global metadata is declared in the portlet.

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