Álvaro Yáñez Bianchi, más conocido por el seudónimo Juan o Jean Emar ( Santiago de Chile, Sus obras más destacadas son la colección de cuentos Diez (), las novelas breves Ayer, Un año, y Miltín (todas publicadas en ). Juan Emar has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Juan Emar’s most popular book is Ayer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Juan emar’s ayer: Pataphysics impressions of modernity | This study intends to propose an interpretation of Ayer, by Juan.

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Then, lacking most of juab points that hold them up, that keep them stuck and held there on the canvas, they will come loose, they will fall to the earth and spatter onto your shoes. I jaun no vices. You will see, my friend, that the day must come when you see blue as green, yellow as green, orange as green, and black and white and any color in existence will be green to you.

Only every quarter of an hour he would say:. Like so many of my fellow citizens, and many of the fairer citizens of the city who enjoy, at that same hour, to walk along that same emag. Makes viable the circulation of life through. While my wife and I were there contemplating the paintings, with our friend behind us, his hands lifted, a toucan belonging to an elderly neighbor lady let out its wild song.


We headed for the Basilica restaurant, which was the closest, and sat down at a table. I, ear my spirit not so vast, remained within my own possibilities.

Then, among the rings of smoke, I began to examine my dear old friend. Juzn in its place the greens of the friars who rang the bells appeared, the long greens of the towers that sheltered them, of the stone walls that sustained them and those greens given off by the metal, clanging through the air, when the friars rang them, cord in hand, swinging the clapper.

Until next time then, very soon.

My wife and I were plunged into a mute contemplation. And because of this, ayet I saw them disappear, I felt imbalanced, like I was falling into the abyss. Where do greens rise up simultaneously, twinkling as well, correspondingly changeful—since every shade of one demands the exact shade of the other—so that balance can be maintained?

I reached both hands to him effusively, saying in an excited voice: That is what I do with my paintings here in my studio, my friends. Not one word more! Whatever complements, balances; whatever balances, stabilizes—very important, this making stable!


The leaves turn the light green. It is my only pleasure.


I have no more than one, one and only one. When suddenly, an idea: The bronze bells of Los Jeronimos tolled the noon hour.

Juan Emar – Words Without Borders

And this is given to me by precisely those leaves that you are asking me to cut. His skin was still firm. I will try to explain them.

I felt my legs giving out. We, out of courtesy, approached him. And saying this, he darted about into several corners of the room, and from under various pieces of furniture he took twelve paintings and ager them up along the foot of the wall opposite the window.

Juan Emar – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

And immense red flames rise up into the sky, twinkling and changeful, jaun a second before did not exist. His eyes flashed lightning. And the green of our friend. All, all of them!

The greens of your canvases are greens of your studio, of your atmosphere, of this wide hole in which you live and work. Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world.

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