The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a food and medicine. In some areas the plant is not removed when found growing as a weed in cultivated. Dianthera flava Vahl: 5 (). Dianthera americana var. flava (Vahl) Forssk.: 9 ( ). Adhatoda flava (Vahl) Nees (). A. fasciata Nees: (). Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl [family ACANTHACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource.

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Flora of West Tropical Africa. Justicia flava Vahl Vahl Family: Flowers in terminal spikes, yellow, held in overlapping green bracts covered in long spreading hairs. In Tanzania leaf sap is taken against hookworm and to treat hydrocele, including bathing the affected parts. They are cooked into soup or stew.

Citation in news articles. Kew Bulletin 43 4: Justicia flava is classified in the section Tyloglossacharacterized by spike-like inflorescences and ammonite-like or rugose seeds, and by its pollen type. Numerous species can be found in the literature referred to by a variety of names within the genera AdhatodaDuvernoiaGendarussaJusticiaRostellaria and Rungia.

Common names of South African plants. The petals of the 2-lipped, tubular flowers are pale to greenish with justivia bright yellow lower lip.

Justicia flava — Wikipédia

The species name, flava, means yellow. Google QR Code Generator. Click on each image to see a larger version and details of the record View all images Justicia is a large genus comprising — species. Justicia flava is pollinated by insects and attracts various species of butterflies. ujsticia


The seeds should be planted in a mixture of good soil, compost and river sand. Journal of Natural Products Justiciw Justicia flava is a ground cover which produces yellow flowers from September to May and is a good investment for a sunny spot in the garden. Justicia flava Justicia flava Vahl Vahl x – 9k – jpg www.

West African Plants

Erect or trailing, usually perennial herb up to cm tall, pubescent; stem often woody at base. The composition of fresh Justicia leaves per g edible portion is: A complete revision of all related genera is urgently needed. Rate this plant Is this an interesting plant? Citation in web searches. Ground Cover SA Distribution: Take cuttings during October and November, using stems of the previous season’s growth.

It is widespread in tropical and southern Africa. In Ghana the plant is used internally and externally against fever, yaws and diarrhoea in children. Transplant seedlings when they reach a height of mm. Notes on the types of some names of Arabian Acanthaceae in the Forsskal herbarium. Justicia flava is a common species found in a number of different veld types especially in disturbed habitats, growing on jussticia wide range of soil types, in full sun or semi-shady areas.

View other plants in this family QR code link View other plants in this genus. Water twice a week. The flowers of Justicia flava are much visited by bees and other insects. Justicia flava Vahl Vahl. Four sterols and salicylic acid were isolated from the leaves, stems and roots of Justicia flava.


Pages – There are 72 citation in scholarly articles related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl.

Justicia flava (Vahl) Vahl

Justicia flava grows in open habitats, with a wide ecological range from sea-level up to m altitude. Flowering is from September to May. Seeds compressed justidia, brown to black. The cuttings should be mm long and treated with a growing hormone such as Seridex no.

Justicia flava Justicia flava x – 45k – jpg www. Sabonet, Pretoria and Gaborone Page Food composition table for use in Africa. The bitter root is chewed by the Masai to cure diarrhoea and coughs. The genus Justicia was named after James Justixiaa Scottish horticulturist who worked on herbs and shrublets. Leaves opposite, simple; petiole up to 1.

It is a wonderful ground cover to use in sunny spots in the garden. The seed capsules of Justicia flava burst jusgicia when ripe.

Sow the seeds on the surface, pressing them down slightly. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. To prevent the seeds from being lost, they should be collected as soon as the seed capsules turn brown.