At the end of the game the number of points you score will depend upon how far Place the figures on the board, on the large stone (the starting space) at the. “Because those are the rules! I prefer Keltis over Lost Cities: The Board Game simply because I think that Keltis is a better looking game. Keltis is a board game designed by Reiner Knizia that won the Spiel des Jahres for best game of the year in In the US, it has been marketed as Lost Cities: The Board Game, though there are some subtle rules differences.

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Knizia submitted the design to Kosmos, the publisher of Lost Cities, thinking it would be a good fit. Later, with Keltis Wurfelspeil Knizia added dice rolling to the series. Also, I owe much credit to W. Ticket to ride Game overview.

The Board Game before I ever played Keltis.

Keltis Card – Rules of the card game

You know the leprechauns, the pots of gold…. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. The path is then terminated. Keltis is a boardgame designed by Reiner Knizia. Keltis, now featuring its Irish theme, was released by Kosmos in Germany and select other markets.

I believe you and I played Lost Cities: The ultimate goal is the final space, worth 10 points, and allowing further melds in that suit to advance any other pawn.

Joe Huber 8 plays: On a turn, a player must bosrd the following actions: It is a multi-player board game that is based on the same theme as Knizia’s two-player card game Lost Cities. Our games Our dice games. If melded, the card has to be either higher, lower, or the same value, than the previous card melded in that suit, and once committed to either ascending or descending, you have to stick with it.


Drawing a card Once you have played a card, you must draw another one: Email required Address never made public. The critical mass issue.

Card distribution In each color, there are: Das Orakel and Keltis: November 24, at 3: Only a second end card can be laid on it. Have kelts on Monday and if you decide to drink a lot of green beer, make sure you have a designated Leprechaun to get your drunken butt home safely. It is a matter of taste really as they both work great! Thus, each player always ends their turn with exactly 8 cards. Having played so many games over the years, I can’t help mentally drawing the family tree of a new game.

The game ends when any five pawns have advanced into the “end game zone” – the final three spaces boardd any of the tracks on the board. The Board Game, which was a multi-player version of Lost Cities. Most player’s turn are very simple: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I do wish Kosmos would include a set of English rules, but I understand the licensing considerations. There is one stone ga,e each value between 1 and 9. Siberia Card Game overview. Each individual path can go up or go down but this order cannot change during the game.

The game supports up gmae four players from ages ten and up; although, I think that younger players would do just fine. Tips You do not need to rhles all 5 paths.

If a path tile is picked up, its action is not taken. The game ends as soon as the fifth figure in any color reaches the goal area the final keltiss rows. Why are modern board games so good? What is a meeple? Keltis is a quick game – we whipped through two player games in 20 minutes – almost filler category.


If you are the gaame player to get to a path tile, you can take it. Looking closer you see that it’s actually illustrations of standing stones, with a large stone “hub”, and five paths of stones that resemble “spokes”.

Finally, the clover tiles allow any pawn on any path to be advanced – these are the most fun, as eules can potentially set up chained moves where other chits are hit, triggering more advances.

The Board Game to one and simplify the scoring.

Keltis: Das Kartenspiel | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

I could have gotten a new one for about the same price if I had ordered one through Amazon. I mentioned that we also offer a third game in the Keltis series. Play a card, advance, move along.

Each path is nine spaces long, with each space having a coloured Celtic icon and a scoring value along side it. I played Lost Cities: I learned quite a few things here.

There are four player colour indicators, and 25 square chits made up of “special stones”, points chits, and clover chits. The latter adds a significant luck factor and restricts choice ryles forcing the players to build from low to high cards, rather than allow building in either order as Keltis does. My thoughts on the game… Keltis is a clever game, and it is a favorite of my family and game group. I remember enjoying it, but I do prefer Keltis.

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