Posted by Angelstoyou, 08/15/ 1 SELF ACTUALIZATION. Freedom from the “Victim/Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be. Cosmic Map as Seen by Advanced ETs and The Origin of Kabala – Kathara Grids or Tree of Life – these are the original energy grids of creation – Fallen Angels. Dec 15, Explore Crystal Benson’s board “Keylontic Science Research” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spirituality, Knowledge and Sacred geometry.

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Giving of the fifth angelic strand into the Leviathin race was done creating the annu mekelzidek race. Cant even comment on T-birds or inner Earth. The matrix was caused by metatronic science that allowed the gods to create and mis create realities that were not in tune with the Source Frequencies. In other words we are more likely to surrender leylontic power to them or look to them to save, protect or rescue us. There’s been a HD sighting, more rare than alien abductions!

Though Jesheua had successfully aligned the race morphogenetic field at Amenti with the original strand DNA imprint, most of the races still carried traces of genetic distortions from the Templar and Templar-Axion Seals, which would need to be cleared prior to the opening of the Halls of Amenti.

It may have had is source in the Jewish community of Alexandria and been later picked up by some Christian groups in Judea and the Galilee.

Membership within the GA reaches sceince the matter-based galaxies and universes of the lower dimensions, to the unfathomable cosmic reality fields of pure consciousness that exist beyond the Metagalactic Core, free from dimensional structure.


We will become easy pray for those living in the D4 astral plane. They are rare but I bealive they are still here.

Marduk Satin family races. Those carrying the Christos message are carrying the same message they sciencd carried for the past million yearsl It has been on every planet. A balanced combination of techniques, reading and listening to the foundation materials will establish a firm foundation which will keylontuc much smoother progress than attempting to do too much too soon.

One is becoming aware of the energy body”. Comprehending the intimate and organic relationship between consciousness expressed, for example as thought and how it translates into form or manifestation, is an intrinsic part of reclaiming our true heritage as direct expressions of the creative force of God or Source.

That was Toths downfall Some dolphins are the Braharama Races. Though the teachings are often quite different or seemingly contradictory and all religions have suffered manipulation and distortion at the hands of man and covert intruder ET forces, they are united through their original purpose of achieving ascension and freedom from the illusions of matter.

Keylontic Science: Uses ~ Ascension Dictionary

Sciennce was a time of Lyran Elohim Wars. They circulate the energy of god through the templates. Today the official spiritist community has about 20 million adepts, though due to local syncretism, it is accepted and somehow practiced by three times as many across the country.

Martin Luther King Jr. Light does indeed always extinguish darkness.

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If we do not know of our own multi-dimensional expressions of self, including aspects of self in the higher dimensions, we may be correspondingly unaware that other inhabitants of earth also have a multi-dimensional family tree or that such levels even exist in any shape or form.


They were the avengers of Annu.

In other words, God or Source is not external to creation. He is a very strange. For now while sciencce live on the surface on earth, I will expose the truth to the sheeple, as part of their awakening healing process.

The Halls of Amenti is a school, star gate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane. It also begins to make sense of the current planetary drama.

Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the nine dimensions. If we can identify these elements within our own being, the bigger picture becomes both more comprehensible and, at the same time, less daunting.

Keylontic Science – Strona 8. – Livia Ether FLOW

Aliens are proud of their aggressive reputation. This implies that everything is creative, consciously or otherwise. We were asked to get ready. Stair Step Scisnce is the process by which the consciousness of the central Source of Creation projects its awareness into the formation of Morphogenetic Fields, laying the foundation structure for Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Order or manifest creation.

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