The Catalog Number for KHK stock gears is based on the simple formula listed below. Please . All KHK gears larger than m have their teeth chamfered. KHK USA is the largest supplier of standardized metric gears to the North american marketplace offering over configurations of gearing for industrial . Catalog Number, Material, Module, Number of Teeth, Pitch Diameter (mm), Bore Diameter (mm), Tooth Finish, Heat Treatment.

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Click Here to request the documents in PDF format.

So Nessei gearwe could supply spare parts. This technical reference gearx the fundamentals of both theoretical and practical information. Sintered Metal Spur Gear.

Kohara Gear Industry Co. We cafalogue many stainless steel and plastic products for these applications. Choose from a large selection of ground gears for high-speed, high-torque and quiet transmission applications. Kohara Gear Industry Co. KHK Gear meet the needs for small and lightweight components.

Gear Catalog | KHK Gears

In the end, it is important that machine designers and those in charge of machine cataloyue be able to search for the gears they require quickly and accurately, and in gsars to fulfill these needs KHK offers not only a PDF catalog on a separate page but also a gear catalog in the following 2 formats. The reasons why gears are so widely used to this day can best be described by these facts:. Click Here to request the documents in PDF format. Small-module Spur Gear 0. A gear catalog is the principle media used when selecting gears based on specification requirements for machine design.


Gears are used in various types of machinery as a transmission component. This cataloggue online catalog is equipped with search functions based on catalog number, tooth pitch kjknumber of tooth, bore size, etc. KHK Gear is a leading manufacturer of gear in Japan. KHK J series – Standardized sizes of holes, keyways and taps. Ground Spiral Bevel Gear. A dealer in the country where you are located will get back to you. Kohara Gear Industry Co.

KHK stock gear offer the largest selection of standardized metric gear. KHK Gear meet the anti-rust and oil-free requirements.

Home Products Applications Service About us. Furthermore, gear catalogs are expected to play the role of gear technical reference including not only simple specifications of gears but also examples, how to use them, usage guidelines, etc.

As for the format of gear catalogs, it is desirable that they be presented in a variety of formats such as paper, electronic, and PDF catalogs. How to Buy Online Catalog. What is the ideal gear catalog?

Economical sintered gears and injection-molded gears are offered in fine pitch products.

Gear Catalog

We are also trying to produce a stable khl of stock gear. KHK Gear meet the high-speed component requirements. Gears range in size from miniature instrument installations, such as watches, to large, powerful gears used in turbine drives for ocean liners Gears offer positive transmission of power Transmission ratio can be freely controlled with high accuracy by changing the number of gear teeth By increasing or decreasing the number of paired gears, khi you to adjust position transmission with very high angular or linear accuracy Gears can couple power and catalogud between shafts whose axis are parallel, intersecting or skew This technical reference provides the fundamentals of both theoretical and practical information.


It must list not only information like the measurements, shapes, precision grades such as DIN and AGMA, pitch such as modules and DP, hardness, and whether polished or not, but also items relating to strength such as allowable torque.

KHK Gear have large selections are available whether choosing by the type, precision grade, material, style or the ease of use. Click here for the latest online catalog of KHK Stock Gears This convenient online catalog is equipped with search functions mhk on catalog number, tooth pitch modulenumber of tooth, bore size, etc.

KHK Custom Gear are available.

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