Title: Oscuros: La primera maldición (rapture), Author: Lizeth Puente, Name: Oscuros: La Versión online del cuarto libro de la saga Oscuros de Lauren Kate . La primera maldición (Oscuros 4) – Ebook written by Lauren Kate. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Results 31 – 60 of Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Lauren-Kate books online. Free delivery Oscuros 4. La primera maldición. 14% off.

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Like I said earlier, the reason for all the bloodshed was just kind of lame, and the way it ended was like, “Wow, all those people died just for that, and you’re just going to just shrug and say, ‘Oh well,’ and it’s over?

We have to stop him.

And, it was a scene with Cam and Luce, right at the end that made me start to cry. She closed her eyes and lay still for several minutes. So this book, unlike the other three in the series, has a really strong plot.

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Nora is the name of the very stupid girl from Hush, Hush. Now, that’s the true definition of an unforgettable story. But if you really wanna give it a try, then help yourself. After four books, Luce still has absolutely no personality.

Rapture Quotes

Es como un soplo de aire fresco. Or would the whole town think she was crazy, like Benezet? I’m done and I’m not a better person for it and Lucinda, you are still the absolute worst and you’re still tacky and I hate you and you and your purple eyed, stupid blond haired, downy winged boyfriend can go jump off a cliff or shoot yourself with a starshot or play jumprope with your intestines. The funny thing is that Luce explains her leaving Lucifer for Daniel by saying that Lucifer was too controlling.


His eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t care less about almost all of the stories in Passion that’s the one I wanted the whole time.

Even though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce–and goes out of his way to make that very clear–she can’t let it go. Some people just like to overreact. Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. Next time try to fly to actual places. At first by Luce’s description in FallenI dislike her but after reading that scene view spoiler [ where she, together with Gabbe protected Luce and Daniel from the deadly starshots and getting killed in the process hide spoiler ]I like her.

View all 18 comments. Even when Cam leans in to whisper in her ear, Luce thought he wanted to kiss her. If you haven’t realized it yet, we have another love triangle with Lucifer being eternally pissy about getting dumped by Luce years ago. They don’t even fucking know each other.

Nor is anyone else, for that matter, until they are proven to be so. They program the code. No answer for that?

Maybe her flights had been brief, but they’d been unforgettable. The Outcasts are watching them, but they are not combative at all.

Lauren Kate

She recognized a few words from the years of Latin class she’d taken at Dover. Someone who is technically immortal but able to die?

After a clattering of china and spoons stirring sugar into tea, Luce cleared her throat. Esmeralda — kae Spanish Edition. She felt a small swell of pride-which she would never confess-about making it back into the library without help. What an unforeseen turn of events! She was such a sweet, kind, spunky, sagacious, badass old lady and every word she said had me enjoying her and maybe it was also because she was because she was the only one to put Luce in her place. I could think of several even worse endings.


She was afraid to start down the path of a dream for fear she might meet Bill. Eventually I could get pass my annoyance for Luce and ended the series. Books by Lauren Kate. Because I stopped loving you.

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Which is to say, I hoped that my dog would sprout wings and fly me off to Disneyworld where everything is free and Matthew McConaghey is my husband.

If there is any epic love story, then it’s the one from Luce and Daniel. I just want you to know that. And can we talk about something real quick? What’s more, the thing that was great about the previous three books was the reader had a chance to learn more about Luce’s past why I like reading time travel books.

Luce’s shortcomings are never ever addressed, and akte inexplicably loves her. Luce felt her lips quiver and her eyes burn. First off, this book was just very View all 6 comments. His criminal record should have been pages long with all these unreported murders!

No eran de carne y hueso, sino de materia divina, de luz.