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How could a definition of art at once be universal and timeless, and at the same time depend upon historical experience to be understood? Mar 05, Kristina rated it it was amazing. But certain things peculiar to the photograph appear in the way the painting is organized.

His interests span thought, feeling, philosophy of art, theories of representation, philosophical psychology, Hegel’s aesthetics, and the philosophers Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Arthur Schopenhauer. If coincidentally, using the same set of paints on the same size canvas, I paint a large yellow circle with a background of blue and say it is a ball in a pool, and then you paint a large yellow circle with a background of blue and say it is the sun in the sky the day of Kennedy’s assassination, materially they are identical but obviously they are different paintings arising independently from specific ideas.

The artist performs a transfiguration of the commonplace when he makes of his materials a work of art. Feb 01, Andreas Antoniou rated traasfigurazione liked it.


Published March 15th by Harvard University Press first published But bit by bit I began to feel that it was intoxicating to be free of the tyranny of art history. Paperbackpages. I’ll be sure to check out more Danto soon.

To understand the artwork is to grasp the metaphor that is, I think, always there. One of the essential statements in Transfiguration is to the effect that one must know that something is art before frasfigurazione can respond to it as art.


When he stands in front of an object, he is beginning to be able to choose which language to use; another way hanale say it, whether to use an aesthetic attitude or an everyday attitude.

This confuses optical truth with visual truth. And it is the great value of such disciplines as the history of art and literature to make such works approachable again. As a philosopher, I was concerned to find something that these minimal uninflected works had in common with the humanly far more engaging things that people had responded to as art in earlier periods — comedies, tragedies, novels, symphonies, opera, ballets, frescoes, sculptures of heroes and gods.

Navigazione Indice Autori Parole chiave. And just for one final addition say there’s a camp counselor painting a target for darts, she paints a large yellow circle on a blue background so the target sticks out, but before she can paint the interior of the target she gets word from the higher-ups that they don’t want kids playing with darts after trafsigurazione happened last year, so the project is abandoned.

There was trasfigurazioone one correct way to make art. Danto is a great explainer of art.

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He brings abstractions about art down-to-earth using real or hypothetical examples. And everywhere the institutions are changing to meet the new demands. Its function rather is trasfigurazone equip the reader or viewer with the information needed to respond to the work’s power which, after all, can be lost as concepts change or be inaccessible because of the outward difficulties of the work, which the received cultural equipment is insufficient to accommodate. I am not sure if the two ontological realms are as separate as his tropes imply, for trasfiigurazione argument proceeds by making nice distinctions between, first, a representation and an object, and, then, between a representation and an artistic representation.


The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art by Arthur C. Danto

Some critics believed it would be replaced by Color Field painting. Danto doesn’t think “representation” is comprehensive enough because, perhaps atomically, not everything in the work, be it every note or brushstroke, can have a one to one correlation in a representative fashion there’s far more to it, but this will suffice.

Reading Danto was made especially interesting by having read The Sovereignty of Art by Christoph Menke not long before. And, at least as I see it, when Picasso, inpastes a flat object, like the label on an aperitif bottle, into a composition, making it visually ambiguous whether one is looking at a real label or an illusionist label painted with astonishing fidelity.

Arthur Danto – Wikiwand

His approach throughout the book is to compare artworks with what he calls mere real things, when both are indiscernibly alike. La trasfigurazione del banale. Naturally, they left out trastigurazione great deal that belongs to art, but that is how it is with necessary conditions. All of these qualities are important. We note a general Wittgensteinian family resemblance between the class of art objects, but what is the defining feature?

Dec 27, Michael rated it really liked it. He painted it just at the moment when the guns had been fired — there is smoke coming out of their muzzles — and one of the victims is falling down, fatally wounded.

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