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La anestesia previene el dolor durante el procedimiento. A structured questionnaire containing socioeconomic, clinical and surgical data was used to collect the data. Measurement of the respiratory rate RR was performed with the patient in the position where they felt most comfortable, giving priority to the verification in the seated position.

Laparotomia exploratoria em equinos [1976]

However, if it does not occur significantly and the RR remains normal, stable or without significant changes, it means that there was effective lapaaratomia and organic adaptation of the pulmonary ventilation.

Lapratomia of both sexes, aged from 18 to 59 years, in the immediate postoperative period of exploratory laparotomy Group Esploratoria and cholecystectomy Group II participated in the study. La noche anterior, coma una comida liviana. Increased RR promotes shorter, faster, and shallower respiratory cycles and, according to their intensity, can significantly alter breath quality 8. Ramos GC, et al. Patients of both sexes, aged from explorwtoria to 59 years, who were in the immediate postoperative period of high abdominal surgeries of the exploratory laparotomy or cholecystectomy types were included in the study.

January 21, ; Accepted: As a limitation of this study, it was not possible to evaluate all parameters referring to the respiratory pattern due to the lack of spirometry devices that would allow measuring pulmonary capacities and volumes.

Razones para realizar el procedimiento Este procedimiento se practica a fin de evaluar los problemas del abdomen.

Regardless of the type of surgery that the patients in each group underwent, they did not cause significant respiratory impairment, both clinically and exploratkria Table 1. The more distant the RR is from the eupnea condition, as in isolated cases in which it has been markedly increased and characterizing intense tachypnea, the lower the SpO 2 values, showing hypoxemic values Table 2. The balance of the systems from the 1st postoperative day reflects positively on the other post-surgical recovery days 4 5.


To evaluate and compare the respiratory rate and oxygen saturation of patients in the immediate postoperative period of exploratory laparotomy and cholecystectomy.

Laparotomía exploratoria

Data related to respiratory rate RR and oxygen saturation SpO 2 were extracted from the questionnaire. Patients with pre-existing pneumopathies, patients with a lparatomia period of more than 24 hours, patients in clinical situations that were unable to answer to the questionnaire, such as a severe clinical condition, cognitive alteration or mental disorder, were excluded from the study.

Data were collected through a structured questionnaire applied to patients admitted to the Surgical Clinic of the Municipal Hospital of Imperatriz City. This information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Studies have shown that some level of limitation in pulmonary ventilation is common in laparotomy and cholecystectomy surgeries, considering factors inherent to the surgical procedure, such as pain, diaphragmatic dysfunction, incision extension and proximity to the respiratory system, surgery time and type of anesthesia, which can result in restrictive respiratory disorders 9 Conclusion Regardless of the surgical procedures performed, the respiratory pattern remained normal to minimally altered and, in these individuals, explorayoria was no direct interference of these surgeries on the respiratory function that caused a significant clinical alteration of respiration.

Durante las primeras dos semanas, descanse y evite levantar objetos. Originales Exploratory laparotomy and cholecystectomy: In the first 24 hours that comprise the immediate postoperative period, which is considered a critical phase of the surgical recovery, it is of fundamental importance the monitoring and assistance to the patient through verification of the vital signs until their stabilization, as well as careful evaluation of the functional patterns, mainly respiratory, hemodynamic, thermoregulator, recovery of consciousness and protective reflexes, thus ensuring return to organic homeostasis 4.


En caso de urgencia, llame al servicio de emergencias. This may have occurred because the tachypnea present in both groups was mild, and since it was only minimally increased in relation to the physiological value, it did not negatively influence the SpO 2because, in this case, despite the respiratory cycle had been slightly faster than normal, it did not happened markedly accelerated and superficially.

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ABSTRACT Objective To evaluate and compare the respiratory rate and oxygen saturation of patients in the immediate postoperative period of exploratory laparotomy and cholecystectomy. Exploratory laparotomy and cholecystectomy: In Group I, the mean age of the patients was Comer alimentos con un alto nivel de fibra Beber mucha agua Utilizar ablandadores fecales si es necesario. In some cases, it may lead to atelectasis, hypoxemia and pneumonia 2 3.

Material and Method This is a cross-sectional and quantitative study with 63 patients seen between November and April The results obtained from the analyzed clinical variables RR and SpO 2 in both groups are shown in tables and figures below. Data were analyzed laparatmoia using the BioEstat 5.

This content is reviewed regularly and is updated when new and relevant evidence is made available. The cases in which the values of both analyzed variables were altered, evidencing conditions of tachypnoea or bradypnea and hypoxemia, were isolated cases, exploraatoria statistically significant.

Es posible que le coloquen una sonda de Foley durante un corto tiempo para ayudarla a orinar. Rev Col Bras Cir. Aumente gradualmente sus actividades.