Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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Indes schlag Im mit deinem duseggen. Click here to switch to the secure portal. Den zornhaw mach also. If he cuts from inside, go through with the weak Wind over, strike and thrust, and pain occurs to him. Then, the seventeenth are winding with the Messer-the master refers to it for us as he says: Shoot right with pulling You should press the arm over the Messer.

Item so dir ainner ain Bogen scheubt. Item hat Er dir an dein duseggen gepvnden. Then, step with your right foot behind his right one and grab with your right hand from the front around his body and throw him forwards over the hip of your right leg.

If he wants to strike from the bind The point makes him fail If he seeks the opening Make him reluctant with the point. Overrun the lower hurt Be strong and ashame him If the displacement is delivered to it Be considerate, wind the point short. If he wants to turn to the right And dislocate the arm Learn to leap with the left behind the left You should rush the shoulder to the right.

Vff recht wil er wencken Vnd arm Rencken Linck hinder linck lere springen Die achsel recht solt dringen. Hie lertt der meiste[r] ein pruch wid[e]r den ee gemelt[e]n pruch vnd spricht alzo will flech [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan So du abneme[n] pist Im messe[r] stet er alzo still mit dem messe[r] vnd lest dich ab neme[n] indes felt er mit der flech seines messers auff das dein vnd will dich zu dem kopff schlag[e]n indes windt auff geg[e]n seine[m] messe[r] auff sein rechte seitt[e]n So ruerstu In an das haubt wie vnd[e]n gemalt stet [etc].

The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Wann er von der rechten seiten oben zu dem kopf schlecht. Indes lasz den ort fur dich einschiessen. And this goes from both sides, and if leckchnef want otherwise, from above. Take the peaks with no fear and do not pay attention to what he does against you. In the other cuts Always work with the point. There are four peaks That you should acquire The vigilant notices Where they are with risk Here the master teaches that you in the Zufechten, that is, while you come to the man, should not strike to his Messer, but you should lfckchner the four peaks.


If you strike the Zornhau, wind your Messer against his one, so that the long edge is standing above itself. In this compilation, we’ve merged the translations of both texts and selected in most cases the longest or most kesser description available.

Here the master teaches a breaking against the element announced above, as one strikes one at the right hand, as it is mssser above, and speaks: Item den krieg mach also. If you want to take over him And take the weapon with mwsser empty hand Twitch, change if you want Be cautious behind the shield.

Here the master teaches an element that you should deliver out of the Zornhau, and says: Here the master teaches how one should assume the hanging point and what to do from it in both guards.

Johannes Lecküchner – Wikipedia

Here the master teaches how one should break the mutating on the left side and speaks: The Bastei, displace Draw after, overrun and set off Thechange through, twitch Run through, press the cutting off Run off, take over Go through, bow, take the defense Hang, the windings against the openings Strike the stroke from below, learn to discourage Here the master lists the other main elements: Item du magst Die Nachraisen.

Item wann Er dir versetzt H awt. Here the master teaches an element that is called an emergency element, and it occurs when you have no defence and you are overrun and you cannot flee without harm, stand merrily if you must defend yourself, and nothing else may happen. Item ainannders stuck Wann er sich verhawt. You should not solely think about the breakings, either, how you could perform them properly, but also about the elements, so that you know how you meser encounter every lekcchner one, and let him do what he wants, so that you find an element or nesser breaking which is applicable.

It is to be known that the master has stated and explained the six strokes or chapters. Strike to it bravely; in case he displaces, strike quickly to the other peak, to the next opening that you can acquire.


You should lower through the point weaken the head with reaching it with the cross stroke Here the master teaches an element: Go over firmly, cut the joint Swing his Messer to leckchnwr ground.

With the bow, etc. Then, if he takes you messfr on the Messer, turn your Messer with the back of your Messer a bit on his one and strike at him from above to the leckchenr, so that you strike through is head, amen.

Here the master states how one should do the elements and how one should hit down the arm with the hilt and how one can also do the same with the empty hand. If he strikes to you from above to the opening, strike also firmly against his stroke with the right edge.

Do the Wecker to the flat roughly with commoners Stand away: Here the master teaches the breakings against the takings away and says: It[e]m das newndt sein dy abschnidt oder dy vie[r] schnidt das wirtt beruret so gesproch[e]n wertt dy abschnidt.

Do the Wecker, let the point go to the face Wind again to the left, you should not spare with the point. Here the master speaks about certain elements that are called the lame elements, since with them one can strike one lame, as the elements are to be done to the joints of the arms and the hand. If he has clenched you, etc.

leckchneg Here the master teaches how one should work with the point and how to twitch in the feints, and speaks: If you want to fight with the empty hand, as in Messer-taking, grasping, clenching the arms etc. Item wann du Mitt dem zufechten zu dem Mann kumpst.

Johannes Lecküchner ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Grab his right to the left Hit the shoulder, leap behind in fighting. Then, grab with your left hand behind on his shoulder of his left side, and pull him firmly towards you, and go with the hilt and the crosspiece of your flachion under his throat, and press his throat firmly against the nape of the neck. Grab left in the opposite manner, take the balance If you hit at the elbow, it breaks the arm.

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