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A free, open and searchable database of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) information. Largest H-eigenvalue of uniform s-hypertrees · Yuan Hou, An Chang, Lei Zhang Pages Download PDF (KB). Research Article. state lees r *z 1 to thh,a cat, Y A. shy r sir wet t, Is fel U’A’l AVM VKs four or f.. ago ktl Ilan ‘, 1 Lei Z)!’ 9Ci Nw1 11jt e ai1Q iur Mw r e l o trlrn? 1 I t vais 0t9 t.

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If we take two eigenvalues of J E 1. In this paper, type curves are also established to delineate flow characteristics of the system. I did M mom Mtt tts to plow wed did.

See our other membership options. Conditions will be derived for the existence of a flip bifurcation and a Hopf bifurcation by using bifurcation theory [ 1112 ] and the center manifold theorem [ 13 ].

Gene Ontology GO Terms.

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Energy Innovation Software Co. Recently, Yan et al. To get the latest that Fold3 has to offer, you’ll need to update to one of the following modern browsers. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page.


Many authors have investigated the le epidemic models. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network?

Support Center Support Center. The role of mathematical modeling has been intensively growing in the study of epidemiology.

On completely irreducible operators. In item ty J llr1As Two A. However, for an endemic disease, we should incorporate the demographic structure into the epidemic model.

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LZ carried out the transformation process, designed the solution methodology and drafted le manuscript. Finally, production performance was analyzed for Marcellus and Fuling shale gas wells, in the U.

Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank anonymous referees for their constructive comments which improve the readability of the paper. Find all citations in this journal default. In addition, a precise description of secondary fractures li SRV regions is of critical importance for production analysis and prediction. Miscellaneous Files- 21 Case Number: CitePeer Related Articles http: Xu Chen 1 and Lei Zhang 2.

Before it was called the FBIthe Bureau of Investigation investigated real and perceived threats to the nation and its citizens. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Both authors read and approved the final manuscript.


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Published online Jun Scientific Reports [30 Jul8 1: Please review our privacy policy. They include tales of espionage during World War I, case files for German aliens who were politically suspect, records pertaining to Mexican neutrality, and reports dealing with alleged violations of Federal laws.

Genealogy with seasonality, the basic reproduction number, and the influenza pandemic. The effects of the lel and matrix properties, fractal parameters, inter-porosity flow coefficients, and sorption characteristics on type curves and production performance leii studied in detail.

Compared with previous numerical and analytic methods, the lek model can provide more accurate dynamic parameter estimates for production analysis in a computationally efficient manner. Robinson C, Holmes P. Due to the impact of hydraulic fracturing, induced fractures in SRV regions are often irregular.

Guo Y, Xue M.

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