Assessing psychological violence and harassment at work: reliability and i.e., Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terrorization (LIPT) and. ventory of Psychological Terrorization (LIPT) Leymann defines .. el LIPT (Leymann Inventory of Psychological. Terrorization) en. Important note in preface to Heinz Leymann, “Mobbing . questionnaire ( Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terrorization, Leymann, ).

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Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of internal ingentory reliability was psychologicaal for column A responses and column B responses for the total sample, men and women. Request Full Text Paper. Previous studies showed that the IVAPT had an acceptable level of internal consistency Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of 0. In this study, there was no significant difference among sex in ppsychological of these prevalences, which is similar to previous results of Aldrete et al.

An exploratory factor analysis showed that the first factor explained En la literatura internacional se cuenta ya con un buen numero de cuestionarios para medir acoso o violencia laboral, algunos de ellos son los siguientes: An exploratory factor analysis showed that the first factor explained I have fewer opportunities for training and for preparing myself adequately than those that are offered to other colleagues. Eurofound Ireland ; This instrument consists of 22 items with two sets of response options see Appendix.

I receive mockery, slander or public defamation. Please type a message to the paper’s authors to explain your need for the paper. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of internal consistency reliability for responses concerning the frequency psychologidal column A were 0. Demographic variables, such as sex, age, occupation, and duration of employment, were also asked in the questionnaire.

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Any opportunities that I may have of a promotion for improvement in my work are blocked or impeded. A further study should be conducted to rationalize the classification by, for example, comparing psychological impacts of psychological violence, and psychological harassment at work. The results may be biased toward those who were willing to report their experience of psychological violence and harassment at work.


Psychological violence and harassment at work were more frequent among older respondents.

The content and development of mobbing at work. My successes at work are ignored and maliciously attributed to other people or to foreign elements such as coincidence, luck, the market situation, etc.

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G Ital Med Lav Ergon ; While we used the original criteria to define psychological violence and harassment at work based on the IVAPT, the cut-off may vary from country to country. Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terrorization adult bullying questionnaire. I receive attacks on my lsymann. The exploratory factor analysis showed that the first factor explained a large teerorization of the variance The concept of bullying at work.

Prevalence of workplace terrorizatin in Norway: Assessing Psychological Violence and Harassment at Work: I am avoided or rejected at work avoiding visual contact, by means of scowls of explicit rejection, scorn or contempt, etc. The work or activities given to me require more experience than that which I possess, and they are assigned to me with the intention of discrediting me.

I am continually interrupted when I try to speak.

Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terror (LIPT) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

The instructions, items leymannn response options of the IVAPT were first translated from the English version into Japanese by a professional translator. The surgeon and social media: Second, the sample was from civil servants, particularly from nonmanual workers.

Crisis social y desgaste ocupacional de los profesionales de la salud: Propiedades psicometricas del leymann inventory of psychological terrorization LI PT Viol Victims ; 5: J Occup Health 15;55 2: My errors or small faults are punished much more drastically than the rest of my colleagues. Several limitations should be noted. While the first factor explained a large proportion of the variance, the IVAPT seems to have a unique factor structure in the Japanese sample.

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I psychologicao criticized in my work in such a way that I now doubt my capacity to do my job well. February 15, Revised: The intensity of psychological violence at work was defined based on situations with sustained generic violence at work that can be received by all workers at a workplace. Those classified as high or medium were considered to be experiencing psychological harassment at work. Exposure to at least one form of bullying within the previous 12 months, weekly or more, and for at least six months for the LIPT; a total score of 45 or over for the NAQ-R.

These findings could be useful in classifying existing scales of psychological harassment at work and comparison of findings based on different scales. Sign In Join Now. A replication study is needed among blue-collar workers and in private sectors. The Japanese version of the IVAPT showed high internal consistency reliability according to Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for the total sample and for both sexes.

For interpretation, the presence of psychological violence at work was defined based on conflict situations at work that, when pf resolved, can be habitual behavior.

Even with these limitations, the present study has shown that the Japanese version of the IVAPT is a reliable and valid instrument for measurement of psychological violence and harassment at work.

The average standard deviation, SD age of workers was