Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set. ” As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his. Revisión histórica del set ‘shiba luohan gong’ o ‘Qi-Gong de los 18 monjes iluminados’ perteneciente al estílo ‘Qixing TangLang Quan’ o ‘Mantis Religiosa de.

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The Hands of the 18 Luohan places a great deal of importance in keeping a strong and flexible spine.

View First 21 Pages. Now we shift our weight back to the right. At the turn the th and th century Fan Xu Dong several times visited Shaolin Temple where he studied heritage of the monastery.

The concepts of relaxation both physical and mental ; the correct work of the leg positions for solidity as well as balance and liveliness in movement; the exercising of the waist, hips, back and shoulders; the coordination between the lower and upper body, the ability to develop different types of Gings relaxed explosive power and the extension and stretching practiced following the Ying and the Yang theory to increase the flexibility and elasticity of tendons and muscles as well as the draining of the energy channels, make this Qigong system an ideal training tool for both the beginning as well as the experienced martial artist of any system.

Both, the spiritual adept and the worldly soldier, share many personal traits honor, respect, perseverance, honesty and must master similar abilities physical, mental and emotional only differentiating in the objective pursued. At the beginning during the training of the Hands of the 18 Luohan, the practitioner is taught to be fully present Think of one thing to forget one thousand ; To execute each movement with YI intentionas Yi is the foundation of Qi Flow.

Luohan Gong is the mother of numerous popular Qigong routines. All this energy that has been developing finds a further push by the action of the shoulders. The relationship between breath, mind, and energy control is well known to martial artists and to those that have ever ventured into the world of energy control. Due to special practices the body must become light and capable of doing high jumps so that the man could climb a cliff or get over an abyss We make sure that the back Ming Men stays open and remain in this position for some breath cycles.

The restoration of QI circulation makes the blood system stronger and the flexibility of blood-vessels higher, as according to postulates of Chinese medicine ” QI guides blood “. The latest version is available to download for free: He had developed enormous power and strength. Since ancient times and in different traditions, monkhood and martial skills have been associated.

When Bodhidharma arrived in China he had as his mission to spread the teachings of the Enlightened One. You can be a qigong practitioner without learning martial arts; but you can not be a gony artist without being gony qigong practitioner.


Luohan Gong – Qigong from the Shaolin Temple –

You can download it here trial version available for free: The Hands of the 18 Luohan with its low stances, its continuous shifting of the body weight from one leg to the other and its one leg standing position, strengthen the muscles and increase the balance.

Now both palms turn again and face upwards on face level. To open eBook file, you must have ZIP software installed on your computer. As a medical doctor, as a practitioner and as a teacher that has seen the same results in students all over the world, I have no qualms in affirming that Luohan is an extraordinary fountain of health and vitality, an inexhaustible source of peace, joy, happiness and wellbeing ready to be tapped and enjoyed even on a simple weekend of practice.

We should not forget that in former times, the combats were to death and the martial artist was actually putting his life on the line. What one only needs is to do exercises in accordance with their description, observe specified breathing rate and concentrate one’s attention on movements. Body Control The 18 Luohan Hands has been used for generations of great martial arts masters to keep their body machine at an optimum level of efficiency.

An unhealthy back greatly diminishes the quality of life of the person, causes mental and emotional upheaval, the loss of gongg of dollars in job absenteeism and an overall sense of despondency.

In doing so we only put the outer edge of the foot down on the ground. Undisputable advantage of that method lies in the fact that profound knowledge of QIGONG theory, quite complicated for understanding, is unnecessary for its ogng employment. In the final position both palms face outwards.

ORIGINS OF LUOHAN GONG | Luohan Gong ORIGINS OF LUOHAN GONG | Exploring the World of Luohan Gong

Luohan forms part of Wai Dan — the outer elixir. A martial artist in the traditional sense from Mars the god of war is a soldier; a spiritual soldier whose real objective is to fight the evils of ignorance, desires, anger, envyegoism, etc. That is in reality what Qigong is all about: It is also important to examine the role that Chinese medicine attributes to the breath; according to it, human beings have two ways of obtaining energy: Although in our days, combats are not to death and martial arts has become in most cases a sport, it is true that still the martial artist is faced with pain and with a certain amount of stress and our organisms interpret these harmless combats, as imposing experiences that trigger our alarms systems, forcing the practitioner to a high degree of concentration and control of his gonb and glng.

The breath Qi luohsn to strengthen the physical force Li and the force Li has to lead the breath Qi.


As we describe the correct movement of the spine using the Three Gates, a special mention must be given to the Dan Tien that acts as an anchoring point from where puohan every movement. Then we turn back to an upright position and reassume the initial posture with both fists at the waist. To be fully concentrated on something it is to be fully there in time and space; it is to take oneself into the highest level of union and identification with the object of luhan attention and thus understand it, sense it, and even foresee its actions.

Maintaining a healthy back, through specific exercises to strengthen it and keep it flexible along with healthy every day habits will yield mint benefits in every realm of your life. Engaging these three gates in the right order assures a biodynamical movement that is relaxed, healthy and efficient in allowing the circulation of blood and energy.

Luohan Gong

So the man moves like a lightning in the sky and joyfully he passes along as a victor in all battles “. T ranslated from Chinese in Now we sink into the left leg while pulling the arms apart on stomach level — in luohwn arch-like movement and with a slight tension — and lifting the left leg significantly.

Here lies an important benefit in the practice of the Martial Arts for those interested in self development. Then we sink into the right foot while lifting the left leg as well as reaching out with the left arm in front of the body, the palm facing upwards. The true martial artist, is some one looking for the meaning of life, with the honesty, and seriousness that such quest demands, and as a spiritual warrior, two of the most important qualities of the martial artist must be: Now we lift the arms to shoulder level and look at our palms Lao Gong points.

Fragments from the book. In this age of information, when one has access to such a diversity of information and knowledge, it is very important to understand that Luohan Gong is not just another exercise to be introduced to the West.

For the spiritual seeker his enemies are inside, to overcome his own faults and shortcomings, for the other it is to prevail over others. These handwritten manuals contained concepts on fighting skills, medical information and historical aspects of kung fu.

Then we grab the left wrist with the gonv hand approximately at shoulder level and pull the left luoan down to the ground with the right hand. The hands touch at the fingertips.

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