MIL-C Wire (M Cable) MIL Spec Wire NEMA WC The M Cable specification is commonly used to describe both shielded and. “L” designates optional identification method D (see mil spec for band marking Number of Conductors (5): M currently specifies from 1 to 15 conductors. OD (in.) Max. Weight. (lbs/ ft.) Min. Max. Nom. Max. MSD1T 1. MSD1T 1.

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WireMasters carries a variety of these cables in stock. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Holding large stock quantities of these cables, we can ship your cable out the door the same day you place your order.

Posted on October 9, By wiremasters. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Number of Conductors Per Cable- This number defines how many inner conductors the cable will include. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

We are also on the QPL, which allows us to build U00 cables in-house!

Twitter Facebook Google LinkedIn. Notify me of new comments via email. Click here for more information or email us at wminfo wiremasters. Depending on your shield and gauge sizes, the cables will have 1 to 15 conductors.


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High performance | High temp mil spec wire / commercial wire & cable | Harbour Industries | M

Shield style and material — The shield style and material of the overall shields will spex designated by a single letter. Color Code — The identification method is designated by a single character that denotes the color coding, identification sequence, and the amount of shield coverage. Cable Designators Basic Wire specifications — A one or two letter symbol will be used to designate the specification, type, and class of the inner conductors.

Commonly used in avionics, aerospace, military, and airframe applications, these constructions are offered in shielded and unshielded cables and are composed of specific conductor sizes, insulation types, number of conductors, shielding ,27500 and jacket compounds.

Conductor Size — The basic wire size of the inner conductors will be identified. Depending dpec the call out, the cable can be a single or double jacket.

Identifying the Specification — Every part number will begin with M because this is the specification call out. Ranging from dpec to 15 conductors, the part number is a combination of digits and letters not to exceed 16 which help identify the exact components of each cable.


WireMasters is here to make your job easier!

Break Down of the M27500 Cable

You are commenting using your Facebook account. By using our reference sheets, you can reassure yourself on selecting the appropriate cable that best fits your application.

Breaking down part numbers can help you gain knowledge and understanding about the products you are purchasing and using daily. Jacket material and temperature rating- The type of jacket is determined by a two digit number at the end of the product call out.

Menu About Contact Us. Single jacketed cables only have an outer jacket, but when double jacketed there is a jacket between a double shield and a jacket covering the outer shield.

By evaluating the M part, we can look at all the cables characteristics without visually seeing the product. This particular cable is one of the only products that you can determine the construction and components just by evaluating the part number. In this particular part number, the cable is composed of 20 gauge inners.

Below is a downloadable PDF chart to help you break down the M specification.

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