The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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When this variable is setmutt will use file size attribute instead of access time when checking for new mail in mbox and mmdf folders.

This can be useful if you see the following behavior: The value brightdefault is also valid. If you happen to work with several character sets on a regular mailcsp, it’s highly advisable to use Unicode and an UTF-8 locale. Contrary to older Mutt releases, it now maintains the new mail status of a folder by properly resetting the access time if the folder contains at least one message which is neither read, nor deleted, nor marked as old.

URLs, email addresses or smileys.

These patterns can also be used to for example search for messages or to limit mutr index to show only matching messages. Type conversion applies to all configuration commands which take arguments.

This flag specifies the command to use to print a specific MIME type. Press this key to enter an identifier for the marked message. However, you can inhibit send-hook in the reply case by using the pattern ‘!

If Mutt is compiled with POP3 support by running the configure script with the –enable-pop flagit has the ability to work with mailboxes located maildap a remote POP3 server and fetch mail for local browsing. When searching mailboxes either via a search or a limit action, for some patterns Mutt distinguishes between regular expression and string searches. Note that when using the built-in pager, only entries with this flag will be considered a handler for a MIME type — all other entries will be ignored.


The -group flag adds mailcapp of the subsequent regular expressions to the named address group in addition to adding to the specified address list.

There are two mechanisms for accessing the query function of Mutt. Mutt will only check for new mail over existing IMAP connections. This function is best described as “recall from arbitrary folders”. However, the expansion can be deferred to runtime, as shown in mugt next example, when escaping the dollar sign.

Mutt and HTML email

Mutt normalizes all e-mail addresses to the simplest form possible. Additionally, the internal pager supports the ANSI escape sequences for character attributes. Without this header, a group reply to your message sent to a subscribed list will be sent to both the list and your address, resulting in two copies of the same email for you.

The keywords Mutt expands are: For non-interactive use, the last entry will then actually be the first matching one with the tag set. Most metacharacters lose their special meaning inside lists. For a listing of key names see the section on key bindings. This command permits you to flush hooks you have previously defined.

All messages are stored in a single file. A character class is only valid in a regular expression inside the brackets of a character list. Some servers dovecot was the inspiration for this option react badly to mutt’s implementation.

When this variable is setmutt will include Delivered-To headers when bouncing messages. If not, data will be lost. This field specifies a command to run to test whether this mailcap entry should be used.

When setMutt will prompt for confirmation when appending messages to an existing mailbox. Suffice mktt say, it is a blight.

Reading HTML email with Mutt

These groups can be used in jutt for searching, limiting and tagging and in hooks by using group patterns. For instance, if Your mail message contains: The examples that are not commented out define the default configuration of the lists.


Optionally you can specify a descriptive text after sequencewhich is shown in the help screens if they contain a description. Please note that when editing messages from the compose menu several times before really sending a mail, it’s up to the user to ensure that the message is properly space-stuffed. This is mostly the same mutf the mut file browser, with the following differences:.

Any server certificate that is signed with one of these CA certificates is also automatically mmailcap. See the Mutt homepage for mailfap details. Any metacharacter with special meaning may be quoted by preceding it with a backslash. You’ll need to get your own oauth client credentials for Gmail here: Whitespace may not be used in between the menu arguments and the commas separating them.

The command maipcap is used to display informational and error messages as well as for prompts and for entering interactive commands. The close-hook will be used for empty, or missing files. Mutt does this for you, the right way, as should any other program which interprets mailcap.

Maildir maybe slower to open without caching in Mutt, it too is not very disk-space efficient depending on the mut. This calculation takes place at the same time as new mail polling, but is controlled by a separate timer: This variable must be unset before composing a new message or replying in order to take effect.

If a hook changes configuration settings, these changes remain effective until the end of the current Mutt session. This is accomplished through the use of the lists and subscribe commands in your. Unicode can represent nearly all characters in a message at the same time.