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The distribution of this pathogen in the national territory is classified as low prevalence; however, the number of infected commercial cultivars rises to Iodinecitrate reduced the number of infected flowers with B. It is important to encourage this type of studies, for an ecological perspective in general, to enable the manipulation of allelopathic interactions related to agriculture.

Journal archive. Articles: Centro Agrícola

The diptera grouped in the family Cecidomyiidae, are considered important pests in the crop of mango Mangifera indica L. A Full Random Block Design was used, with three replicates.

Ahora bien la factibilidad para el productor depende de las condiciones del lugar donde se pretenda establecer. The use of fuel wood and roganoponia has threatened existance of natural forests in Kilimanjro region.

Within Nepal, Taplejung district stands first with MT production of cardamom per year and is renowned for its organic nature.

In case of significant differences between treatments a Tukey test was performed for comparison of means. The results show that the quality of the bamboo biomass significantly improves the biological properties of the soil as well as structure and its consistency. Regrowth analysis was performed 50 days after the cut, these results were subjected to fixed effects variance analysis, the percentage of increase with respect to the control was also determined.

The crop variables studied were: Merrill, variety Incasoy, an experiment was developed in the spring season April -July on a Cambisol soil of the Bayamo municipality. The aim of this work takes root in the evaluation of three variants of substrate for this phase: The project’s main objective is to support and build the capacity of the communities and special community groups in the project focus area to conserve and protect the threatened land of Misasi ward.


The benomyl, difenoconazol and captan fungicides were able to totally odganoponia the growth of the C. The best integral results were obtained with the treatments in which mineral fertilization is combined with some of the biofertilization alternatives Fosfotic and Safer-mycorrhizaswith which it is suggested that these studies be continued under field conditions in the Andisols of Carchi -Ecuador.

The objective of the work was to determine the adaptability and phenotypic stability of new cultivars introduced in CALESA by means of the Two-dimensional Representation method Biplotin two crops, as well as recommending those with the best agroproductive behavior under soil and climate conditions, of the Ingenio Ofelina. This indicates the convenience of establishing this crop in the Ecuadorian Amazon without sow in the greenhouse.

The experimental design was a random block with three replications. An experimental design of totally randomized blocks with four repetitions was used.

Cultivo en organopónico

The aim of the research was to evaluate the in vitro sensitivity of Colletotrichum acutatum antracnosis to seven fungicides. La profundidad del sustrato es un aspecto de gran importancia, no debiendo ser menos de oorganoponia cm sobre la superficie del suelo para los canteros tradicionales. Promoting the use of traditional knowledge in biodiversity ProjectID;?

The extract of F. Project members live in a forested watershed The following treatments were included: It was found that treatments that included ogranoponia earthworm humus, the evaluated variables shown superior significantly results and it differed of the control treatment and to the aloneB. The efficacy of six fungicides for the control greasy spot Mycosphaerella citri Whiteside in orange C.

The diameter of the colony and the percentage of inhibition did not show differences for dose levels, without significant effects for the interaction of both factors, fungicides, and dose.

The results showed that treatment with application of organic manure had a positive influence on the yield and majority organoponja yield components values. Assurer une meilleure connaissance des. Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The experiment was developed in the Granma University’s productive area, with the objective of evaluating the alone and combined earthworm humus application effect with Bradyrhizobium japonicum on G7R variety soybean cultivation. The use of organic fertilizers in the fertilization of crops is an alternative to the problems generated by the intensive use of chemical fertilizers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of nitrogen application in production and borer attack on sugarcane.


Urgent control measures were undertaken to control the insect pest and to avoid its proliferation. Natural fresh water constitutes the habitat of a great variety of fluvial mollusks in Cuba. Snails were manually collected, identifying each sample before the shipment to the laboratory. Sugarcane orange rust Puccinia kuehnii W. The agronomic response of five common bean cultivars Phaseolus vulgaris L. The application and interpretation of statistical methods allowed to ratify as highly resistant PR, resistant Ja and as susceptible My In the Experimental Station of Coffee of the municipality Amboim, province Cuanza Sul of Angola an experiment was conducted on the production of coffee postures Coffea arabica L.

Ten plants were selected at random for each treatment to evaluate pod length cmpod width mmpod diameter cmnumber of pods per plant, number of seeds per pods, number of seeds per plant, weight of seeds per plant gweight of seeds gas well as yield t ha Thanks to the traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples in using these natural resources, there are many specialities. The treatments applied were T1: The results suggest that better morphophysiological indicators are obtained when it was sown in the greenhouse, with height of cm and a foliar area of 0.

This analysis called the Principal Additive Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model is constituted by additive and multiplicative parameters.

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